Quick Export (MIDI/Audio)

Gather around kids, I have a tale to tell. The WaveDNA development team was starry eyed and bushy tailed at the end of 2012. You see, we had built our standalone application called Liquid Loops (later it grew up to be renamed Liquid Rhythm), and decided it needed to have friends. Music software will have play dates if it implements a plugin interface such as VST/AU/RTAS/AAX. We sat down and…

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myo listens

The Gesture Controlled Armband – Introducing Myo

Myo Armband Click Here To Pre-Order Now The Myo gesture and motion control armband lets you use the movements of your hands to effortlessly control your phone, computer, and so much more. The first units will begin shipping early 2014. Pre-order today to reserve yours. Your muscles talk, Myo listens Eight EMG sensors, a nine-axis IMU, and ten thousand ways to use them With eight advanced EMG sensors and a…

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WaveDNA took part in the Returning Sun Philippines Relief Benefit

A special Philippines relief fundraiser went down last month at Revival to help Plan Canada’s efforts to aid the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the Philippines on November 8, killing over five thousand people and destroying the property and homes of over 11 million others. WaveDNA took part at this Philippines relief event with many staff members on hand as well as a few prizes to add to the…

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Magazine Reviews Our Software Liquid Rhythm – AskAudio Magazine

Magazine Reviews – The Future of Rhythm Programming Is Here With Liquid Rhythm Beat Generating Software Written by G.W. Childs IV The staff at WaveDNA was really excited to see a magazine reviews of our software on such a reputable industry news outlet. AskAudio Magazine is the ultimate daily resource covering the latest news, magazine reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers. For the full magazine reviews…

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Whats in the pipeline for Ableton’s Push

The team started MIDI Mapping in the second quarter of 2013, and with the requirement to allow an external MIDI device to control Liquid Rhythm. Starting September 2013, we extended our MIDI mission to include MIDI Scripting. MIDI Scripting is Liquid Rhythm both controlled by a device, and controlling the MIDI device. We sends internal state information back to the MIDI device. This state information allows a musician to see…

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Connecting Liquid Rhythm to an External MIDI Device

Liquid Rhythm, when used in Standalone mode, is easy to connect to an external MIDI device. The device needs to be connected to the computer and Liquid Rhythm will automatically detect it. These are the three steps you would need to follow to send MIDI data (Note, there is a video at the end that show these steps as well): Open the Mixer View, either through the toolbar or through…

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A brand new bundle from Livid Base and Liquid Rhythm for hands-on beat production

Buy Livid Base and Liquid Rhythm For $449.00 WaveDNA and Livid have joined forces to bring you an elegant and hands-on music production bundle. With a custom MIDI-mapped interface, the Livid Base MIDI controller’s multi-coloured buttons and touch-sensitive sliders light up when connected to Liquid Rhythm standalone. Create your drum tracks with style, experience this super-fun and powerful bundle today. Buy Livid Base and Liquid Rhythm Now Livid Base controlling Liquid…

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Luminth: Plug it in. Make music.

Luminth! Click, turn, push+turn. Generate melodies, percussive grooves, and ambient soundscapes. Read the full article here. Who is it for? Luminth and Luminth Orbiter are for everyone who enjoys creating music. Beginners can start playing immediately: no musical training is necessary. Experienced musicians will enjoy a new approach to making music. Can be used to: Generate new melodic and rhythmic ideas Play relaxing music at the end of a long…

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Touchboard: Draw Your Next DJ Controller With Paint?

Touchboard – Now anyone can transform touch into sound (and so much more!) with the TouchBoard, an easy-to-use Arduino-compatible device. We’ve seen exciting touch-based projects in the MIDI controller in the past – most notably the conductive Makey Makey board that allowed bananas (or any conductive object) to be turned into a simple trigger for any type of project. Bare Conductive, the team behind TouchBoard, got their start making conductive paint that allowed users…

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Error Reporting!

I get frustrated whenever I am using software and it just breaks. You lose track of what you were doing, and your creative flow is broken. Its awful! Therefore, I can easily relate to our customers using Liquid Rhythm, and having the dreaded error reporting window appear. We apologize for any pain we cause, and we are committed to fixing those problems. We are going to try our best to…

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