Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro Updated to Version 1.3.2!

Bug Fixes and Drag & Drop MIDI We’re constantly seeking ways of improving the workflow to help you get to the fun and exciting parts of creation (rather than the cumbersome parts of setting things up and connecting applications together). This latest update includes various bugfixes and improvements, but the feature that really helps speed things up is the ability to drag and drop your MIDI arrangements out of Liquid…

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Pheek Interviews with WaveDNA

DJ Shine Talks to Montreal’s Pheek About Upcoming Projects, Software, & Gets Advice on the Creative Process 1998. A dark room. A legend. Some Plastikman. Jean Patrice Remillard goes home with the sweet sounds of minimal techno stuck in his ears and vows to become the best minimal techno producer on the planet …… Ok … perhaps we embellished some of that, however, many years after that inspirational moment, Jean Patrice,…

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Keys Magazine Review

Keys Magazine Reviews Liquid Rhythm

Magazine Review – Michael Schillings & Keys Magazine Says Liquid Rhythm Simplifies Handling MIDI Grooves While Amping Up Excitement The WaveDNA team was really excited to see Liquid Rhythm in Keys Magazine. The popular German music and computer mag, and author Michael Schillings captured how Liquid Rhythm aims to help users perfectly. While we needed a little help from our German friends with translation we immediately loved the reference to one…

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Long & McQuade LR Ableton Live User Group

WaveDNA Joins Toronto’s Ableton Live User Group at Long & McQuade February 20th

Ableton Live User Group Toronto Meetup Featuring WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm WaveDNA is excited to join the Toronto Ableton Live User Group at Long & McQuade to showcase Liquid Rhythm beat creation software. The ongoing Toronto Ableton User Group meetups, which take place the 3rd Thursday of  the month are designed to show users all the cool things that can be done with Ableton Live. With the help of Ableton Certified Trainer…

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Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro Updated to Version 1.3.1!

Bug Fixes, Feature Enhancements, Novation Launchpad Support for MaxForLive Clip Mode We haven’t had an update to Liquid Rhythm in a while. Our release cycles are generally short, but the winter season has been very busy for us. Christmas was fun, NAMM was exciting, the snow… My goodness, so much snow. We’re finally releasing an update to our last major release. It contains many bugfixes, a few enhancements to features,…

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Black Sunset Music Global Trance Party

Black Sunset Music’s Global Trance Party Live from WaveDNA

Black Sunset Music & Zero Fox Entertainment Broadcast Live from WaveDNA WaveDNA is excited to host Black Sunset Music’s Global Trance Party this Saturday night. Live from the WaveDNA labs, Black Sunset and Zero Fox Entertainment will be broadcasting 3 straight hours of music to the world. You can watch the entire event online and follow the Global Trance Party on Twitter for live updates. Owned and managed by musicians, Black…

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AudioFanzine Showcases WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm at NAMM 2014

Back From a Great NAMM Show, WaveDNA Shares AudioFanzine’s Demo Video Featuring DJ Shine Weary from the long trip, the WaveDNA Demo Warriors have finally returned home from NAMM 2014. Ignoring the pain of their sore throats they shared stories of the amazing love they received from all the booth visitors. There were plenty of surprised faces, kinds words and very intrigued musicians, some of whom ran home from the…

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Dr Naresh Vempala Jamming with Liquid Rhythm

PhD Naresh Vempala Jamming We have a great research partnership with Ryerson’s SmartLab, where Naresh is a Post Doctorate researcher. Full disclosure, we work closely with Dr Naresh Vempala, as we are collaboratively exploring the relationships between music, emotion and cognition. Hopefully in the near future, the team will publish a unique emotion prediction Max4Live patch (shh… it’s a secret). We were pleasantly surprised when Naresh linked us his first…

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Guitar Wing: Wireless control over software plug-ins, DAWs, iOS apps & MIDI effects units…right from your guitar or bass

Livid has launched a 30 day campaign to crowdfund their latest product on Kickstarter called Guitar Wing. Guitar Wing from Livid Instruments is an expressive control surface that gives guitar and bass players wireless control over the functions of their favorite software plug-ins, DAWs, iOS apps, MIDI effects units, and even lighting and visual platforms. Today on Kickstarter, Livid has launched a 30 day campaign to crowdfund our latest product,…

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Top 10 Plugins – Liquid Rhythm Rated!

Best Music Gear of 2013: Top 10 PlugIns Every once in a while something comes along that changes the way we approach making music. WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm falls into the “unique” bracket with ease and takes the prize as the most innovative and cool rhythmic generator yet. It integrates smoothly into Ableton Live 9 and can also be used as a plug-in with other DAWs To read the full article…

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