In Memoriam David Joseph Beckford

It is with heavy hearts that we at WaveDNA regret to announce what is both a personal tragedy for everyone on our team and a deep loss for the digital music and software community globally. 

David Joseph Beckford, the co-founder of WaveDNA and inventor of the concepts, system, and techniques that are the backbone of  Liquid Rhythm software passed away suddenly on May 28th.

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MusicTech reviews Liquid Music

Wave DNA’s Liquid Music For Live is a unique product, and a must-have for anybody either struggling to compose their own MIDI parts, or seeking new composition and programming techniques.” – Martin Delaney Martin Delaney talks about Liquid Music in his new review with MusicTech. Giving it an overall score of 9/10, he shares his enthusiasm for Liquid Music, calling it “an authentic music creation tool”. Be sure to read…

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Ask.Audio reviews Liquid Music for Live

“An amazing app for quickly and easily building up complex melodic parts in less time than it takes you to make a sandwich.” – G.W. Childs IV G.W. Childs talks about his first impressions of Liquid Music for Live with his review on Ask.Audio. He dives into the ease of how Liquid Music for Live can be used to “quickly build up some sick chord progressions playing parts that are not humanly…

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Win a full license of Liquid Rhythm in Ask.Audio’s Launch Contest

Get a chance to win a full license of Liquid Rhythm by signing up for Ask.Audio’s Launch Contest. Ask.Audio, a leader in news, reviews and education for the Pro Audio and Music Technology industry, has recently launched a dynamic new website with enhanced content along with a new and exciting education portal, the Ask.Audio Academy. To celebrate this launch, they have partnered up with a range of music industry companies to…

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Flying Drum Machine

You have to play with a flying robot this Thursday. This was my greeting early on a Monday back in August when I walked into work. My curiosity was piqued. I mean, that’s not the kind of sentence you hear every day (or every week/month/year/ever for that matter). When Thursday finally came, Xingbo Wang and Natasha Dalal–two former interns at WaveDNA–arrived with what they called a flying drum machine. The…

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AAS Chromaphone and Liquid Rhythm

Liquid Rhythm and Chromaphone

Bobby: Wait! Are you using Liquid Rhythm to control pitched percussion? Are you crazy? Tommy: Yes, Bobby. Yes I am. …and one of my favourite things to do with Liquid Rhythm is use it feed MIDI to other great 3rd party plugins. Take this beat I made using AAS’ Chromaphone: Bobby: Wow, Tommy. That’s pretty neat! Tommy: Yup! With the Max for Live patch for Liquid Rhythm, you can easily…

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Fast Company – Co. Labs Reviews Reinventing MIDI For A Big Data World “Standardized for 30 years, MIDI continues to be useful to a lot of musicians despite its age. Still, WaveDNA is trying to improve MIDI and give it a new outlook on life.” “It’s just the first step, a trojan horse type of approach to rethinking MIDI.” – Tyler Hayes Read the full article from November 27, 2013.

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