Steam Powered Liquid Rhythm License

SteamPowered is a digital distribution platform.  Created by Valve, its purpose is to distribute independent and large studio games to consumers.  In 2012, Valve expanded its catalog to include software beyond games, including music software.  WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm was added to the Steam catalog in early 2014. There are marked differences between a Steam Powered Liquid Rhythm license and a non-Steam license. Purchasing Liquid Rhythm on Steam is different than…

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Liquid Rhythm Plugin Update Dialog Box

When you upgrade to a newer version of Liquid Rhythm on Steam you may run into this dialog box: Simply click Yes to install the new plugins. If for some reason you click no, you can simply go to the help menu bar within Liquid Rhythm and click on: ” Install Plugins on Next Launch” (see photo below). Relaunch Liquid Rhythm and everything should be up to date.   Another reason…

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