Liquid Music 1.7.0 Release Notes

WaveDNA releases Liquid Music v1.7.0

Liquid Music updated to version 1.7.0 Toronto, Canada – Nov 28th, 2019 – WaveDNA is proud to announce Liquid Music version 1.7.0 which offers users a host of additional functionality related to clip management, through Project Clips and the Track Selector panel. These new features make for easier swapping out of musical ideas in your DAW, whether as new tracks or stacks of accompaniment instruments. Directing or orchestrating a full…

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Download Liquid Music for Live

Liquid Music Tutorial: Product Description & Setup

Here’s the fastest way to install and get Liquid Music for Live running: The Liquid Music for Live installer will install the following: – Liquid Music – Max For Live plugin (can only be launched in Ableton Live 9) – Liquid Rhythm – Standalone – Liquid Rhythm – VST / AU / RTAS Existing Liquid Rhythm Users: Please uninstall Liquid Rhythm first before installing Liquid Music for Live. Full instructions on…

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Liquid Rhythm and BFD Eco

Learn how to use FXpansion’s BFD Eco with Liquid Rhythm to create incredibly realistic drums FXpansion’s BFD Eco is a powerful software instrument for acoustic drums. With the option to start from scratch or to choose a pre-made kit, you can add effects, fills, and tweak individual kit pieces to get your drums sounding exactly the way you want. BFD Eco is available at a number of online retailers as…

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Liquid Rhythm & G8

Liquid Rhythm and G8 Dynamic Gate

Use Liquid Rhythm with G8 Dynamic Gate to create unique sounds in your DAW If you’ve been searching for a reason to fall deeper in love with Liquid Rhythm, we’ve got an exciting new way to use the software to control a noise gate in your DAW. For this, WaveDNA worked with Unfiltered Audio’s very cool G8 Dynamic Gate. Inspired by his work with modular synthesizers, Michael Hetrick (G8’s inventor and…

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Liquid Rhythm Tutorial on MacProVideo

MacProVideo has just released almost three hours of Liquid Rhythm tutorials by audio wizard G.W. Childs. Don’t worry, Windows users, the tutorials can be equally useful for you. Claiming “this is a beast of a piece of software that, once tamed, will forever reward you with inspiration and amazing tracks”, G.W. walks you through over 40 tutorials that show you exactly how to tame this beast and reap the musically…

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AAS Chromaphone and Liquid Rhythm

Liquid Rhythm and Chromaphone

Bobby: Wait! Are you using Liquid Rhythm to control pitched percussion? Are you crazy? Tommy: Yes, Bobby. Yes I am. …and one of my favourite things to do with Liquid Rhythm is use it feed MIDI to other great 3rd party plugins. Take this beat I made using AAS’ Chromaphone: Bobby: Wow, Tommy. That’s pretty neat! Tommy: Yup! With the Max for Live patch for Liquid Rhythm, you can easily…

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Maps Galore!

WaveDNA’s newly redesigned Maps panel has loads of cool functionality that will take your audio production workflow to the next level! Check out this video highlighting some of the new features: About the Maps Panel With the BarForm and BeatForm Maps, you have every possible combination of rhythmic patterns in one 4/4 bar neatly organized and grouped together. Take these musical examples: You make house music and want a steady…

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Liquid Rhythm Tips and Tricks

Ableton Certified Instructor and Liquid Rhythm Guru Jason Spanu aka DJ Shine shows us advanced editing tips and tricks in Liquid Rhythm. As we all know Liquid Rhythm is a great piece of software for quickly generating beats if you are a beat programmer, producer, instrumentalist looking for a quick way to create backing beats, or just an avid user of music production software in general.  As a new user…

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Beat Magazine

Beat Magazine Publishes Liquid Rhythm Push Script Guide

Beat Magazine Germany shows users how to get a million beats in no time with Liquid Rhythm and Push The WaveDNA team was thrilled to see our friends at leading German Print magazine, Beat recently published a great guide for using Push effectively with Liquid Rhythm. In the “Power Producer” feature Ableton Certified Trainer Maya Consuelo Sternel from Beat magazine breaks down the steps to get the most out of Liquid Rhythm’s Push script. Guiding…

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