Liquid Rhythm and BFD Eco

Learn how to use FXpansion’s BFD Eco with Liquid Rhythm to create incredibly realistic drums

FXpansion’s BFD Eco is a powerful software instrument for acoustic drums. With the option to start from scratch or to choose a pre-made kit, you can add effects, fills, and tweak individual kit pieces to get your drums sounding exactly the way you want. BFD Eco is available at a number of online retailers as well as on the FXpansion site.

FXpansion BFD Eco

BFD Eco can be massively useful in making your Liquid Rhythm beats sound like they’re coming from an authentic drum kit. The software instrument can control kit elements like the amount of bleed in each drum and cymbal, as well as dampness and velocity. The programs also work in sync with your DAW so you can hear your edits in real time.

The team at WaveDNA made a video tutorial to show you how you can use Liquid Rhythm in conjunction with BFD Eco to easily create complex and realistic drum rhythms.

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