Liquid Rhythm & G8

Liquid Rhythm and G8 Dynamic Gate

If you’ve been searching for a reason to fall deeper in love with Liquid Rhythm, we’ve got an exciting new way to use the software to control a noise gate in your DAW. For this, WaveDNA worked with Unfiltered Audio’s very cool G8 Dynamic Gate. Inspired by his work with modular synthesizers, Michael Hetrick (G8’s inventor and founder of Unfiltered Audio) describes G8 as an “amplitude toolkit that just happens to do gating really well.”

G8 Dynamic Gate

The dynamic gate’s powerful features include: Cycle and One-shot gating modes, Customizable MIDI Inputs and Outputs, Reject Outputs that innovatively allows you to hear blocked audio and create effect chains, and an Expert Mode with advanced matrixes. To learn more about G8, visit the website.

In Ableton Live 9, you can control the instrument track with G8 and create unique and interesting sounds by changing the rhythm pattern in Liquid Rhythm. The gate will open when the beat notes are played and you can edit the notes to change the duration of the gate. With the ability to change and edit entire bars in Liquid Rhythm, you can easily and quickly create a wide variety of sounds through G8. To help you out, WaveDNA created a tutorial video:

The only thing that’s more interesting than the software is the man behind it, Michael Hetrick. Michael is the incredibly busy owner of Unfiltered Audio, as well as a PhD candidate in the Media Arts and Technology department at the University of California, Santa Barbara, a Windows Programmer at Slate Pro Audio, a teacher, and an electronic musician under the name The February Thaw. We caught up with him for an interview about his life, using Liquid Rhythm, and his newest software called Sandman. You can read the interview here.

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