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Cycling ’74 Artist Focus on WaveDNA’s Peter Slack

Peter Slack has been part of the WaveDNA team since the very beginning. His contributions to the audio software community–both as a member of WaveDNA and beyond–have been invaluable. Recently, Cycling ’74 sat down with Peter to discuss his work with Liquid Music, Max, and lots more. Be sure to check out the full article here.  

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Julian Joppig Interview WaveDNA

WaveDNA Interviews Julian Joppig

Julian “DJ Ju” Joppig is a DJ and producer from Munich, Germany. Beginning his craft at a turntable-equipped youth centre in his teens, Julian was signed to a German Hip-Hop label and began working in advertising when the band broke up. In addition to his work as a DJ, Julian has found success producing music for ad campaigns as well as for television. He’s worked with Audi, Swarovski, and Ricola’s…

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G.W. Childs

WaveDNA Interviews G.W. Childs IV

From beginnings as an audio and video editor for the Department of Defense, G.W. Childs IV has done seemingly everything in a long and storied career. Leaving the military with a record deal from COP International Records for his band Soil & Eclipse, he went on to work for Lucasfilm and has done remixing work for Gene Loves Jezebel, Ray Charles, and James Brown. Currently, he reviews for AskAudio Magazine,…

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AudioTechnology DJ Shine

DJ Shine in AudioTechnology Magazine

Jason “DJ Shine” Spanu appears on the cover of Australia’s AudioTechnology Magazine Jason “DJ Shine” Spanu, WaveDNA’s very own Application Specialist, was featured recently on the cover of AudioTechnology Magazine. The article, Doomsday Survival Kit, discusses the growing issue of tech meltdowns during live performances. With artists, DJs, and producers increasingly using computers for their performances, there are a number of very real and terrifying things that can go wrong.…

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WaveDNA Interviews Phinestro

WaveDNA Interviews Phinestro

Phinestro is a musician, producer, and composer from Brooklyn, New York. He’s made a name for himself in the music world through placements on the hit show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, advertisements for Aeropostale and Adidas, work with Youtube superstar Bethany Mota, and a PSA on the Spider-Man 2 DVD. In the midst of his rise to the top, WaveDNA talks to him about his process, the importance of…

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WaveDNA Interviews Michael Hetrick

“Always think of yourself as a beginner. The field is always shifting and changing, and the moment that you think of yourself as an expert is the moment that you lose touch.” Michael Hetrick is a very busy man. He is the owner of Unfiltered Audio, a PhD candidate at UC Santa Barbara, a teacher, an electronic musician under the name The February Thaw, and a developer with Slate. Recently, WaveDNA…

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DJ Shine

WaveDNA Interviews DJ Shine

We got together with DJ Shine in his Toronto studio to talk about how he uses Liquid Rhythm on stage and in his productions! Check it out: Jason ‘DJ Shine’ Spanu Producer + Remixer + Musician + Programmer From the early 90’s heyday of Toronto’s techno scene through to his current constant touring as a band member and Ableton programmer for Nelly Furtado, Frank Ocean and more recently Broken Bells,…

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DJ Shine Liine Lemur Liquid Rhythm

DJ Shine’s Lemur Script and Video for Liquid Rhythm

Walking into DJ Shine’s Toronto studio was sort of like walking into Long & McQuade or Moog Audio for the first time. He has such an impressive collection of sweet gear, and more importantly, he knows how to use it. All of it. Being both an electronic musician and a programmer (because aren’t we all), Shine is pretty handy with solving his own workflow issues. He just builds custom digital…

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WaveDNA Interviews Madeleine from Sonic Bloom

I’ve used Liquid Rhythm to achieve more variation within my beats in some of the songs and probably will continue to do so. 1) Describe your experience with Liquid Rhythm in one or two sentences. I love using Liquid Rhythm for creating broken beat variations. It’s great for adding all those little humanized hi-hats, breaks, and other drum fills that would otherwise require lots of editing. 2) Who are you,…

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WaveDNA Interviews Broombeck

I like to have “intelligent“ software, that isn’t very technical so you have more time to be creative. Marcus Schmahl is a true musician who has been working as a composer, sound designer and producer since 1992. He is the driving force behind music projects of different genres such as hip hop, downbeat, jazz, lounge, house, techno, electronica, electro and drum’n’bass and the lead behind the alias “Broombeck”.  He has…

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