WaveDNA Interviews DJ Miracle

Just enjoy what you do, that’s the most important rule of it all. Who are you and where are you from?  Labels?  Affiliations? Michael Valenti aka DJ Miracle aka Miracle Incession, signed and affiliated with Don’t Look Productions. Do you remember your first introduction to music software? Back in high school, Fasttracker 2 and Scream Tracker… old DOS programs, does this make me old? Often times users of music production…

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Bum Tschak Interviews with WaveDNA

“Try to find out what it is that you truly wanna hear from yourself. Break it down to a minimum of elements. If you like what you have, spread it out. Be carefully brave.” Harry Bum Tschak has been a part of the German drumming community for many years. He has recorded and/or performed with top acts like Nena, Pohlmann, Right Said Fred, Finkenauer, and international guitar virtuosos like Jerry…

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Jon-John Robinson Interviews with WaveDNA

Grammy award winning producer Jon-John Robinson talks to WaveDNA about his introduction to music production Having started his career working alongside Babyface and Tracey Edmonds, Jon-John Robinson has gone on to work with some of Top 40’s most notable artists since the early 90’s.  Producing for TLC, Diana Ross, K-Ci and JoJo, and now Lady Gaga, there is a very slim chance that you haven’t heard one of his productions…

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Patrick DSP Image 1

Patrick DSP Interviews with WaveDNA

Currently residing in Berlin, Canadian born DJ/Producer Patrick DSP has been involved in some sort of musical production setting since the early 90’s. From mastering tracks for some of Berlin’s most established Techno labels, to writing scores for film, Patrick has been a very busy individual.  Even with his hectic schedule, we found some time to sit down with him to speak about his journey into music production, and how…

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Justin James Interviews with WaveDNA

Minus artist Justin James converses with us about his use of Liquid Rhythm, and how he creates his signature style of Techno and Minimal. Maybe you enjoy living under a rock.  Perhaps you just decided to go live with the wolves and wrestle giant panda bears in the desert!  It could be that your friend who has their finger on the pulse of the NOW just decided you were not…

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Pheek Interviews with WaveDNA

DJ Shine Talks to Montreal’s Pheek About Upcoming Projects, Software, & Gets Advice on the Creative Process 1998. A dark room. A legend. Some Plastikman. Jean Patrice Remillard goes home with the sweet sounds of minimal techno stuck in his ears and vows to become the best minimal techno producer on the planet …… Ok … perhaps we embellished some of that, however, many years after that inspirational moment, Jean Patrice,…

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Mike C Lovett

Inspiring Artists Series: Mike C Lovett Interview

As part of our Inspiring Artist series, we caught up with Mike C Lovett to talk about his current setup, workflow and Bandcamp’s 12in12x12 Who are you? and why are you on this planet? Father. Photographer. Noise maker. An Enterprise Architect who specializes in information architecture. Why am I on this planet? I will paraphrase, with a sense of irony, the words of Tim Minchin… to celebrate this wonderful, meaningless…

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Inspiring Artists Series: Nick Trass Video + Interview

As part of our Inspiring Artist series, we caught up with Nick Trass, a Pro bass player from Australia. Who are you? and why are you on this planet? My name is Nick Trass and I’ve been a bass player for almost 30 years, but I’m now focusing more on producing electronic music all within the box. My real aim is to use the full scope of the digital environment…

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