DJ Shine Liine Lemur Liquid Rhythm

DJ Shine’s Lemur Script and Video for Liquid Rhythm

Walking into DJ Shine’s Toronto studio was sort of like walking into Long & McQuade or Moog Audio for the first time. He has such an impressive collection of sweet gear, and more importantly, he knows how to use it. All of it.

Being both an electronic musician and a programmer (because aren’t we all), Shine is pretty handy with solving his own workflow issues. He just builds custom digital gadgets that bend to his every musical whim.

Here’s where you, as a Lemur, Liquid Rhythm, and/or/soon-to-be Ableton Live 9 user, should feel super excited: DJ Shine not only built a Lemur script tailored to Liquid Rhythm, he also helped us produce a video showing how it all works.

So here’s the Lemur script for Liquid Rhythm: Download

And if you’re wondering how to set it up, check out this video:

…and check out DJ Shine using Liquid Rhythm live here.

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