Maps Galore!

WaveDNA’s newly redesigned Maps panel has loads of cool functionality that will take your audio production workflow to the next level! Check out this video highlighting some of the new features:

About the Maps Panel

Spinning, endlessly

Spinning, endlessly

With the BarForm and BeatForm Maps, you have every possible combination of rhythmic patterns in one 4/4 bar neatly organized and grouped together.

Take these musical examples: You make house music and want a steady Kick pattern. Why not just get that in one click? You want your chorus section to feature hi hats on the off-beats, just one click. You want some driving double-bass in your metal tune, one click.

The idea is simple: all these patterns exist in your music, you just haven’t used them yet. But when you want to, they’re always only one click away. What’s more, when you’ve created a beat, the Maps help to create slight variations very easily- it’s all about how the patterns are organized in the wheel. So take a look around it, you’ll notice that all the patterns are surrounded by similar patterns.

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