Liquid Rhythm and BFD Eco

Learn how to use FXpansion’s BFD Eco with Liquid Rhythm to create incredibly realistic drums FXpansion’s BFD Eco is a powerful software instrument for acoustic drums. With the option to start from scratch or to choose a pre-made kit, you can add effects, fills, and tweak individual kit pieces to get your drums sounding exactly the way you want. BFD Eco is available at a number of online retailers as…

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Sound on Sound Magazine

Sound on Sound Magazine Reviews Liquid Rhythm

Paul Nagle Looks at Liquid Rhythm in Sound on Sound Magazine’s On Test The WaveDNA team loved seeing Liquid Rhythm featured in the July 2014 edition of Sound on Sound Magazine, one of the best recording technology magazines around. Sound on Sound’s Paul Nagle delved into the world of Liquid Rhythm, a “pattern sequencer plug-in [that] offers exotic creative tools with even more exotic names” to discover how BeatForms, BarForms, and the Music…

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Digital Dreams Contest Presented by WaveDNA

Enter WaveDNA’s Digital Dreams Contest to Win 1 of 4 Grand Prize Packages! Digital Dreams, Canada’s largest electronic music festival is only 5 days away and with tickets selling like hot cakes your chances are growing more and more thin to be a part of it all.  Thankfully for you though, we’re holding a Digital Dreams contest and want to hook you up with an amazing opportunity to attend the…

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Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro Updated to Version 1.4!

Community-Requested Features, Improvements, and Extended Ableton Live Max for Live Support It’s been a long time! This release took its sweet time coming, but it’s packed with features and improvements. For example, Liquid Rhythm 1.4 takes the concept of working with note clusters (a.k.a. “BeatForms”) many step further. You can now draw, paint, edit, and swap them around, directly in the Arranger. Making beats with the BeatForm Sequencer is fun,…

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WaveDNA Interviews DJ Miracle

Just enjoy what you do, that’s the most important rule of it all. Who are you and where are you from?  Labels?  Affiliations? Michael Valenti aka DJ Miracle aka Miracle Incession, signed and affiliated with Don’t Look Productions. Do you remember your first introduction to music software? Back in high school, Fasttracker 2 and Scream Tracker… old DOS programs, does this make me old? Often times users of music production…

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Recording Magazine

Recording Magazine Reviews Liquid Rhythm

Recording Magazine’s Mike Metlay reviews Liquid Rhythm, “a rhythm creation tool like no other” Recording Magazine, North America’s “magazine for the recording musician”, has published the latest Liquid Rhythm review in their June issue. The WaveDNA team loved reading Recording Magazine’s Mike Metlay’s in-depth writeup, which takes users through the paces of creating music with Liquid Rhythm. Metlay’s feature descriptions are right on point, and as an added bonus he…

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Klangfarbe Austria event

Klangfarbe Ableton Days June 4th & 5th

Austrian store Klangfarbe to demo Liquid Rhythm at 2 day Ableton Event Top Austrian music store Klangfarbe will be hosting a 2 day Ableton event this week. The event includes in store demos throughout the day and nightly workshops. On June 4th and 5th at 7pm Ableton pros Steve Baltes and Jesse Abayomi will be leading workshops on Ableton Live 9 and Ableton Push, as well as introducing users to WaveDNA’s…

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Beat Magazine

Beat Magazine Publishes Liquid Rhythm Push Script Guide

Beat Magazine Germany shows users how to get a million beats in no time with Liquid Rhythm and Push The WaveDNA team was thrilled to see our friends at leading German Print magazine, Beat recently published a great guide for using Push effectively with Liquid Rhythm. In the “Power Producer” feature Ableton Certified Trainer Maya Consuelo Sternel from Beat magazine breaks down the steps to get the most out of Liquid Rhythm’s Push script. Guiding…

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Liquid Rhythm at Metalworks Institute

WaveDNA is heading to Metalworks Institute to showcase the latest update to Liquid Rhythm On May 14 2014, WaveDNA will be presenting the latest update of Liquid Rhythm, Beat Generation Software to the staff and students at Metalworks Institute for the first time. Jason Spanu, a.k.a DJ Shine, Ableton Certified Trainer and Liquid Rhythm Product Specialist and Saro Migidirycan, UX Manager at WaveDNA will be demonstrating the latest features in Liquid Rhythm including the Ableton Push…

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