Returning Sun Charity Event Video

As we mentioned a couple days ago, we were very proud to part of the Returning Sun charity event. While upstairs on the main floor of the Revival lounge, the DJ’s and musicians were entertaining the crowd, we were in the basement participating in the silent auction, and providing some awesome background beats live. Allison, our support superhero and also our team’s video guru, put together this video in between…

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Press Release: WaveDNA and Livid Instruments Announce a New Bundle for Beat Production

WaveDNA and Livid Instruments have joined forces and paired WaveDNA’s cutting edge beat generation software, Liquid Rhythm, with Livid’s touch sensitive MIDI controller, Base. Livid’s Base combines the technology of a drum machine and a touch screen with an array of pressure sensitive buttons and sliders to control Liquid Rhythm’s beat creation features to quickly access quadrillions of rhythmic pattern variations. WaveDNA has created a demonstration to show this powerful method of…

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DJ Shine dives into Novation’s Launchpad S

The WaveDNA team is incredibly happy to have Jason Spanu back at the office. For a period in the past summer, we lost Jason, he went completely dark, as he was on tour across Canada, US and Europe. Jason is also known as DJ Shine, he is an Ableton Certified Trainer, and he is an incredibly passionate musician. It is always inspirational when Jason is at the WaveDNA Lab, simply…

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“Suggested” By Who?

Connections between the Wheels, the BeatSeeker and the “Suggested” list Notes on the connections between the Maps, the BeatSeeker settings, and the “suggested” lists and palettes in the BeatBuilder and the Randomizer The BeatBuilder panel is a popular widget with first time users of Liquid Rhythm due to how easily it enables quick assembly of beats and variations. There is enough power and variety offered by the default settings for…

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Liquid Rhythm Intro got GreenLit!

It was the middle of the day, Tuesday November 12, 2013, and the WaveDNA team was right in the thick of it. Why? We are preparing to release Liquid Rhythm version 1.2.4; perfection is our main focus. There is a lot of excitement,  movement, and communication between everyone here at WaveDNA. As I was stepping away from my desk to go talk to Allison about a problem she just reproduced,…

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BeatForm Cycling feature initial prototype

Prototype: Beat Cycling for new ideas

We have a lots of passionate fans who really appreciate our focus on creating a unique rhythm instrument. From these fans, whether they are internal or external, they tend to inspire new ideas, or widgets that could help improve the workflow.  Or perhaps give them a new way of creating a new variation quickly.   The saying, ‘There isn’t enough hours in the day’, aptly applies.  We would love to…

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Quick Start Guide Video For Liquid Rhythm

A quick start guide to help you start creating drum tracks in Liquid Rhythm. Topics covered in the Quick Start Guide Video 1) Loading a Drum Kit 2) Inserting One-Bar Rhythm Patterns 3) Using the Step Sequencer 4) Editing Notes 5) Generating Random Patterns 6) Shifting Groove Enjoy the Quick Start Guide Video!   Our video collection only begins at the Quick Start Guide! Browse below to see an overview…

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Interface Design for Liquid Rhythm on a Touch Screen

A closer look at the interface design process for the development of a touch-screen-friendly skin for Liquid Rhythm. There is an ongoing collaboration in the works between WaveDNA, SmithsonMartin, and music teacher Sina Fallah. Together, we are working toward building a uniquely powerful yet simplified interface for students to learn about creating music. WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm has a robust interface for creating rhythm tracks. While it can be used with a…

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Ableton Patches

Ableton Patches with Liquid Rhythm Overview Video

Ableton Patches can now be used with Liquid Rhythm. Using Ableton Live 9 Suite and Max 6.1 MSP, WaveDNA has designed a Ableton Patches that allow you to use Liquid Rhythm as a clip editor for Ableton Live 9.   Thanks to our friend Omar Riad for making this video! Omar is Ableton  Certified Trainer as well as a product specialist for WaveDNA.  We enjoy collaborating with Omar because he has impressive software skills…

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