Liquid Rhythm Intro got GreenLit!

It was the middle of the day, Tuesday November 12, 2013, and the WaveDNA team was right in the thick of it. Why? We are preparing to release Liquid Rhythm version 1.2.4; perfection is our main focus. There is a lot of excitement,  movement, and communication between everyone here at WaveDNA.

As I was stepping away from my desk to go talk to Allison about a problem she just reproduced, I grabbed my iPhone, and quickly peaked at the locked notification screen, just in case an urgent email came through. I scrolled through and I noticed a notification from Steam Store, thinking to myself its probably one of my wishlist games is on sale. No wait, the email’s title looks different, so I take a closer look:

Congratulations, Liquid Rhythm Intro has been Greenlit!

“Oh, my God!” Then, louder, “I need everyones attention!”

The majority of the team is spread across two large, converted warehouse rooms, with 20 foot ceilings and concrete floors. When you raise your voice, it booms, it echoes, and it spreads. The developers around me immediately stopped their conversations, and turn their heads.


The room roared with applause, smiles, claps, cheers, phat beats, and jubilation, enough that the marketing team in the other room came rushing in. It was an amazing moment that we shared. Once we had a ship-worthy product, we knew one of the most important places online would be SteamPowered store. Most of the development team members are gamers, so we were well aware how amazing SteamPowered is, especially for learning about smaller product, and how hassle-free it makes the download/installation process. We started the Greenlight journey October 1st, with the amazing support of the GreenLight community, and the admins from SteamPowered, we just made it past the first hurdle. We are absolutely ecstatic and grateful.

We carefully read through the paperwork, organized our banking info, called the IRS, filled out our W-8BEN, and here we were clicking the final check marks that allow WaveDNA to join SteamWorks, and we are now on the road to release our first product on Steam.

The team watches the historic moment where Doug "digitally" signs and accepts the Steam SDA/NDA.

The team watches the historic moment where Doug “digitally” signs and accepts the Steam SDA/NDA.

Here is our community page we created for the GreenLight process, feel free to check this out, as we prepare our software page on the actual Steam Store.

steam community

Author: Adil Sardar, Lead Developer

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