Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro Updated to Version 1.4!

Community-Requested Features, Improvements, and Extended Ableton Live Max for Live Support It’s been a long time! This release took its sweet time coming, but it’s packed with features and improvements. For example, Liquid Rhythm 1.4 takes the concept of working with note clusters (a.k.a. “BeatForms”) many step further. You can now draw, paint, edit, and swap them around, directly in the Arranger. Making beats with the BeatForm Sequencer is fun,…

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Liquid Rhythm 1.3.3. Release Image

Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro Updated to Version 1.3.3!

Ableton Push Integration Live in Liquid Rhythm Version 1.3.3 WaveDNA is excited to announce the latest update to Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro. We have been leading up to this release for some time, testing the waters with the beta version of our favourite new feature, MIDI scripting support for the Ableton Push. In addition, version 1.3.3 features upgrades to the Liquid Rhythm interface, including the new Clip Selector…

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Liquid Rhythm Intro got GreenLit!

It was the middle of the day, Tuesday November 12, 2013, and the WaveDNA team was right in the thick of it. Why? We are preparing to release Liquid Rhythm version 1.2.4; perfection is our main focus. There is a lot of excitement,  movement, and communication between everyone here at WaveDNA. As I was stepping away from my desk to go talk to Allison about a problem she just reproduced,…

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