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Sound on Sound Magazine Reviews Liquid Rhythm

Paul Nagle Looks at Liquid Rhythm in Sound on Sound Magazine’s On Test

The WaveDNA team loved seeing Liquid Rhythm featured in the July 2014 edition of Sound on Sound Magazine, one of the best recording technology magazines around. Sound on Sound’s Paul Nagle delved into the world of Liquid Rhythm, a “pattern sequencer plug-in [that] offers exotic creative tools with even more exotic names” to discover how BeatForms, BarForms, and the Music Molecule really contribute to rhythm programming. Intrigued by Liquid Rhythm intelligent randomization and humanization tools, he delivers a thoughtful review,  concluding that “where Liquid Rhythm scores is by offering in-depth adjustment and easily generated variations”.

We’re thrilled to be in such fine company on the pages of Sound on Sound Magazine. Purchase the July 2014 issue on the Sound on Sound magazine website or read the full review right here and let us know what you think of Liquid Rhythm.

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