Liquid Rhythm Tips and Tricks

Ableton Certified Instructor and Liquid Rhythm Guru Jason Spanu aka DJ Shine shows us advanced editing tips and tricks in Liquid Rhythm.

As we all know Liquid Rhythm is a great piece of software for quickly generating beats if you are a beat programmer, producer, instrumentalist looking for a quick way to create backing beats, or just an avid user of music production software in general.  As a new user though, it can be a bit confusing to understand some of the concepts behind Liquid Rhythm (like any other piece of software you use for the first time) but once you get your head around it, you will notice a dramatic increase in how you approach drum editing.

In the two videos below, DJ Shine gives us a few tips and tricks on editing in Liquid Rhythm.  The first explains how to select entire rows and columns for quickly duplicating parts and randomizing your rhythms within seconds, while the second looks at much more advanced techniques in Harmonic MIDI editing using Liquid Rhythm.

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