WaveDNA set to Attend A3E Boston

Technology continues to evolve and transform the music industry.

On September 23 & 24 2014, the team at WaveDNA will be attending the first inaugural Advanced Audio + Applications Exchange (A3E) in Boston, Massachusetts.

CEO and President of WaveDNA Douglas Mummenhoff  will be on the panel of the 1pm session on Tuesday September 23 2014 titled ADC – 2: “The next 12 Months of Advanced Audio Development: Desktop Technology”.  During this time, Doug will be speaking about his experience with building one of Toronto’s first music production focused tech companies.

Included in the schedule for A3E Boston is a number of other seminars around the topics of music business, app development, trends in the new age of music production, and the way desktop production is being revolutionized by the emerging technologies we are starting to see come to light. “A3E aims to create greater strategic synergy between the code and apps being developed, the art and content being created, and the instruments, tools and hardware being manufactured for this highly specialized profession.” It is the first event of its kind designed to encourage attendee’s to not only visit the various booths, but have discussions about their technology and collaborate on the exchange of ideas to develop new concepts and foster new standards for emerging new technologies in the audio world.

For more information on the first Inaugural A3E Advanced Audio + Applications Exchange Conference, please visit http://www.a3exchange.com/a3e-conference.html.

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