AAS Chromaphone and Liquid Rhythm

Liquid Rhythm and Chromaphone

Bobby: Wait! Are you using Liquid Rhythm to control pitched percussion? Are you crazy?

Tommy: Yes, Bobby. Yes I am. …and one of my favourite things to do with Liquid Rhythm is use it feed MIDI to other great 3rd party plugins. Take this beat I made using AAS’ Chromaphone:

Bobby: Wow, Tommy. That’s pretty neat!

Tommy: Yup! With the Max for Live patch for Liquid Rhythm, you can easily generate quality creative content for any of the synthesizers in your collection! So you can actually pay attention to what’s going on in your synthesizer, change some parameters in the presets you start with, and get the sound you’re looking for. You know, instead of playing a C on your keyboard over and over again while scrolling through presets and never actually getting into it.

Bobby: Sweeeeeeeet.

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