AudioFanzine Showcases WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm at NAMM 2014

Back From a Great NAMM Show, WaveDNA Shares AudioFanzine’s Demo Video Featuring DJ Shine

Weary from the long trip, the WaveDNA Demo Warriors have finally returned home from NAMM 2014. Ignoring the pain of their sore throats they shared stories of the amazing love they received from all the booth visitors. There were plenty of surprised faces, kinds words and very intrigued musicians, some of whom ran home from the show to buy a copy immediately! We are grateful to all the visitors and great comments, kudos and suggestions we have received. The entire NAMM team is excited to be home, but at the same time shared how much they treasure each moment at NAMM. Even being completely drained and fatigued from giving demo after demo for days, they dared not leave the booth, because they never knew what exciting visitor would drop by the next minute. That what it means to be at NAMM.

We are excited to share with you the media coverage our amazing visitors created of the event, as well as sharing some of our own video, pictures and ideas that came from the NAMM 2014 show. Our first reach out is to the awesome folks at AudioFanzine. They put together this video of Jason Spanu’s demo made at the WaveDNA booth. This demo was incredibly fast paced, going over a ton of Liquid Rhythm in a short period of time. My hat’s off to the agile camera work, as there was a lot to focus on. From Liquid Rhythm, to Ableton Push, to Lemur on iPad, back to Liquid Rhythm, Jason moves around with a ton of excitement. The folks at AudioFanzine did a fantastic job of following the action.

My most favorite quote from the video:

Bible-bi-bobble-di-boop – Jason Spanu

Author: Adil Sardar, Lead Developer

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