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Magazine Reviews – The Future of Rhythm Programming Is Here With Liquid Rhythm Beat Generating Software Written by G.W. Childs IV


The staff at WaveDNA was really excited to see a magazine reviews of our software on such a reputable industry news outlet. AskAudio Magazine is the ultimate daily resource covering the latest news, magazine reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers.

For the full magazine reviews on follow this link.

Below we have listed some powerful quotes that were featured in the Ask Audio Magazine reviews article:


“Every once in a while something comes along that changes the way we approach making music. Find out why WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm takes the prizes as the most innovative and cool rhythmic generator yet.”


“WaveDNA have come up with a product that will be a life changer.”


“Liquid Rhythm is a MIDI drum editor and arranger that can intelligently and capably create and randomize drum beats of its own.”


“Seriously, Liquid Rhythm takes drum editing to a whole other level.”


“Liquid Rhythm is essentially one of the most advanced drum machines ever made.”


“If you’re someone that needs quick, original, drum arrangements, look no further than Liquid Rhythm.”


For the full magazine reviews on follow this link.

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