Attack Magazine Reviews Liquid Rhythm 1.4

“Liquid Rhythm’s approach to beat programming is refreshingly original and incredibly efficient” Attack Magazine‘s Greg Scarth released a full review of our newest update for Liquid Rhythm 1.4, which was published on the online Magazines website last week. When the team here at WaveDNA got a chance to read through it, we were very ecstatic about all the kind things Greg had to say.  Greg went in depth to describe the basic…

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Beat Making Made Easy – Sonic Bloom Review

For me, actually making the beats I heard in my head was the hardest part when I got started with producing. This is what Liquid Rhythm does in a nutshell: Develop musical ideas by instantly inserting and swapping bar-long rhythm patterns. Create beats fast by painting groups of notes directly onto the arranger. Humanize the velocity and groove of multiple notes simultaneously based on their underlying colour patterns. Generate musically-informed…

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Keys Magazine Review

Keys Magazine Reviews Liquid Rhythm

Magazine Review – Michael Schillings & Keys Magazine Says Liquid Rhythm Simplifies Handling MIDI Grooves While Amping Up Excitement The WaveDNA team was really excited to see Liquid Rhythm in Keys Magazine. The popular German music and computer mag, and author Michael Schillings captured how Liquid Rhythm aims to help users perfectly. While we needed a little help from our German friends with translation we immediately loved the reference to one…

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Magazine Reviews Our Software Liquid Rhythm – AskAudio Magazine

Magazine Reviews – The Future of Rhythm Programming Is Here With Liquid Rhythm Beat Generating Software Written by G.W. Childs IV The staff at WaveDNA was really excited to see a magazine reviews of our software on such a reputable industry news outlet. AskAudio Magazine is the ultimate daily resource covering the latest news, magazine reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers. For the full magazine reviews…

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dj techtools

DJ Tech Tools for suggested articles lists WaveDNA

DJ Tech Tools. Boost WaveDNA with a vote! Click here to vote for us on DJ Tech Tools.     Here is the article content: Review: Liquid Rhythm by WaveDNA Liquid Rhythm is a software drum machine that enables rapid beat-building and provides tools for deep MIDI manipulation. It uses a ‘building-blocks’ approach that allows groups of notes to be inserted, moved, accented, or otherwise altered all at once. The…

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