Liquid Rhythm 1.3.0 Startup Issues with Max versions earlier than 6.1.6

1.3.0 Startup Issues Are Reviewed Below We have been battling with a few odd issues over the past couple weeks, and we were confident with our 1.3.0 release. It worked perfectly on all the internal development and test machines. We released the new version with high hopes, and unfortunately on a variety of system our changes actually backfired. Liquid Rhythm 1.3.0 startup issues ensued. It was a configuration change that…

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Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro Updated to Version 1.3!

Major New Features, Workflow Improvements, and Many Small Fixes in 1.3 In celebration of the winter holidays, WaveDNA is excited to announce a major feature-packed update to Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro: Liquid Rhythm v1.3, featuring workflow improvements and entirely new tools. We want users to have as much power as possible when playing with our building blocks of rhythm so this update expands Liquid Rhythm’s toolset in fun…

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Error Reporting!

I get frustrated whenever I am using software and it just breaks. You lose track of what you were doing, and your creative flow is broken. Its awful! Therefore, I can easily relate to our customers using Liquid Rhythm, and having the dreaded error reporting window appear. We apologize for any pain we cause, and we are committed to fixing those problems. We are going to try our best to…

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Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro Update: Version 1.2.5

Bug Fixes, Improved Stability, and Livid Base MIDI Scripting Now Available For Version Update 1.2.5 Among many small tweaks and bugfixes, the WaveDNA team focused efforts on two major improvements for this update. The first one was to improve stability when running Liquid Rhythm as a plugin with Ableton Live through the Max-For-Live bridge plugin.  We received a lot of feedback from our growing Liquid Rhythm community and worked many…

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Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro Updated to Version 1.2.4!

Workflow Improvements, BugFixes, and MIDI Scripting Now Available For Version Update 1.2.4 The evolution of a piece of software has many phases. Version updates are composed of a combination of bugfixes, workflow improvements, and new feature introductions. This version update is centered around bugfixes, tweaks, and enhancements to a few important workflows, in both the standalone and plugin modes of Liquid Rhythm. It also features MIDI scrips for a couple…

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Beta 1.2.4: BeatForm Cycler

We are really excited here at WaveDNA, as we are entering the final stages to release our latest version update. Of course, anyone who has purchased Liquid Rhythm gets this version for free. There will be a blog post dedicated specifically to the improvements in Version 1.2.4. However, I can’t wait, the major bug fixes include a tighter integration into Ableton Live 9 Studio through a newly written Max for…

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liquid rhythm 123

Update Version 1.2.3 has arrived for Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro!

Workflow Improvements Are Now Available For Version Update 1.2.3 We’ve received a lot of extremely helpful feedback from many Liquid Rhythm full version trial users, Liquid Rhythm Intro users, and Liquid Rhythm full version users. Additionally, we had many great guest user testers that dropped by our offices or worked with us remotely as beta testers. Many bug reports have been addressed and fixed, and suggestions for workflow improvements have…

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Our Beat Generating Software Revolutionizes Digital Music Creation

Liquid Rhythm, our powerful beat generating software, gets powerful new MIDI sequencing and editing tools WaveDNA is excited to announce a significant update to the full version of Liquid Rhythm beat generation software, including powerful new MIDI sequencing and editing tools to create and remix drum patterns. This can now be achieved either directly in Ableton Live clips via Max For Live, as a Plug-In, or as a stand-alone application.…

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product developments feature

Product Developments Overview – Liquid Rhythm 1.2.1

Nine new product developments in Liquid Rhythm 1.2.1 1) A New Look Has Improved Our User Interface: Enjoy our same great software with a brand new look. We have focused on improving usability and your experience. 2) The Beat Builder: This is an exciting new tool to help you develop beats faster than ever before. 3) MIDI Mapping: This tool allows you to create and save your MIDI maps for any MIDI…

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