Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro Update: Version 1.2.5

Bug Fixes, Improved Stability, and Livid Base MIDI Scripting Now Available For Version Update 1.2.5

Among many small tweaks and bugfixes, the WaveDNA team focused efforts on two major improvements for this update. The first one was to improve stability when running Liquid Rhythm as a plugin with Ableton Live through the Max-For-Live bridge plugin.  We received a lot of feedback from our growing Liquid Rhythm community and worked many hours to tighten the Max-For-Live bridge.  The second major improvement features a MIDI script for the incredibly powerful, versatile, and fun-to-use Livid Base. Plug in your Livid Base into standalone Liquid Rhythm and have fun building and mashing drum loops with the Base’s MIDI-mapped interface. (Note: this is only for the standalone version of Liquid Rhythm for now – the development team is actively working to port MIDI scripting to the Liquid Rhythm Max-For-Live bridge.)

Check this blog post has more details.

As always, we look forward to your feedback and feature suggestions!

Livid has launched a bundle featuring Liquid Rhythm and the Base controller! Check out their site for more information here.

To download a copy of the latest version, please click on the download link below for your system.

Mac Version 1.2.5

Windows Version 1.2.5

What’s Updated In 1.2.5?

The list below summarizes the fixes and workflow improvements included in the latest version.

  • MIDI Scripting in standalone mode: Livid Base automatically maps to Liquid Rhythm (full implementation and control with blinky lights!) (This page walk through this new feature, including a usage video, and a MIDI Scripting layout map for the Livid Base. -> )
  • Much greater stability with Ableton Live when running Liquid Rhythm in Max-For-Live plugin mode.
  • Any of the download kits can be used to audition the loop library in either Standalone or Plugin mode.  Similarly, they can be used as kits for Import MIDI files as well.
  • Improved layout for the LaunchPad scripting.  Verified that it works perfectly on original LaunchPad and LaunchPad S.  Video showing the LaunchPad scripting layout ->
  • Using Accent Modifiers from a MIDI Scripting device will high light the targeted notes as they change, to provide feedback on which notes are changing through the accent modifiers.
Bug Fixes:
  • The Shift and Move button driven from MIDI scripting will now appear in the Transport / Toolbar at the top of the application, indicating we are in the mode.
  • In Liquid Clip mode (AKA Liquid Rhythm connected to Ableton Live 9 using Max for Live), a user can now undo/redo/move/copy clip changes without causing Ableton to Crash.
  • Fix undo.cfg error when exiting Ableton Live 9 after using Liquid Rhythm.
  • Voice Editor fixes on Mac when consolidated save is used.
  • Small fix to allow launching the inline tutorial videos from the help menu
  • Fixed startup issue with device file not being present and opening the settings menu for the devices.
  • Rendering a Liquid Rhythm project to audio (wav/aiff) sometimes caused the rendered file to be corrupt.
Beta Features (BETA license only (sign up here))
  • New UI for the BeatForm Cycler and new name, BeatForm Shifter.
  • Accent Modifier Shapers (as a right-click dropdown in Accent Modifiers) –> instant-apply velocity crescendo + decrescendo on BeatForms
Known Issues and Limitations:
  • Overdub recording mode is glitchy in this version.
  • MIDI Scripting for all devices [QuNeo, Base, LaunchPad] is limited to Liquid Rhythm Standalone mode. We are currently working to add support for the other modes.
  • assigning multi-output audio for Live + Liquid Rhythm VST may cause fatal crash
  • Liquid Rhythm may be unresponsive when computer goes to sleep and wakes
  • Windows XP: Installer will not install the Ableton Live 9 Max for Live patch.  Please follow these instructions here.

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