Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro Updated to Version 1.2.4!

Workflow Improvements, BugFixes, and MIDI Scripting Now Available For Version Update 1.2.4

The evolution of a piece of software has many phases. Version updates are composed of a combination of bugfixes, workflow improvements, and new feature introductions. This version update is centered around bugfixes, tweaks, and enhancements to a few important workflows, in both the standalone and plugin modes of Liquid Rhythm.

It also features MIDI scrips for a couple of powerful and fun hardware MIDI controllers. Novation’s LaunchPad S and Keith McMillen’s QuNeo have a lot of buttons that can be programmed light up in different colours. With our new MIDI scripting capability, these buttons are automatically mapped to the controls in Liquid Rhythm, and the buttons light up and provide feedback for the features they are connected to. Note: (1) this feature is in “slightly beta” mode – it’s still in developement, but we’re excited to share it with you, so we’ve included it in this release. (2) this is only for standalone at the moment – but we are currently working on MIDI scripting mode for plugin. We’re also creating a MIDI script for the awesome Livid Base controller, which should be available very soon as well :).

A blog post about the development of MIDI scripting for the LaunchPad S can be found here.

The feedback we’ve received from Liquid Rhythm trial, full, and Intro users has been well-received, investigated, and in most cases, implemented and bugfixed. We’ve also continued to have testers drop by our office and conduct extremely informative in-house tests and experiments on Liquid Rhythm. As always, we appreciate the time and effort taken to help us improve our product. Please continue to inform us of any issues you encounter, and any features you’d like to see improved and tweaked.

To download a copy of the latest version, please click on the download link below for your system.

Mac Version 1.2.4

Windows Version 1.2.4

What Is Updated In 1.2.4?

The list below summarizes the fixes and workflow improvements included in the latest version.

  • “Select Regions In Row” now selects regions within the loop region in the row
  • “Quick MIDI Export” (Cmd-B) for bypassing the “Export” dialog box
  • “Quick Audio Export” (Cmd-Shift-B) for bypassing the “Export” dialog box
  • Liquid Rhythm Max patch now has a link to our webpage that has setup instructions and detailed workflow guides, found here
  • MIDI Scripting in standalone mode: Novation Launchpad S and Keith McMillen QuNeo automatically map to Liquid Rhythm (full implementation and control with blinky lights!) (in BETA)
  • BeatForm “Suggested” list (in BeatForm Palette) and BarForm “Suggested” list now follow BeatSeeker settings (more info on the feature here
  • Changed modifier key for “Zoom to Default”.  (Was (Cmd-B), is now (Cmd-G).)
  • Auto-selected first region for improved MIDI control workflow
  • All kits downloaded can now be selected in the Import Midi section. Previously it was only limited to the default kits.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes for Liquid Rhythm Max patch (for Ableton Live 9)
  • Importing a MIDI file with the ‘techno kit’ caused crash
  • Bug fixes in standalone and plugin mode
  • Fixed “stuck BeatSeeker” bug on the BeatForm Map
  • Bug fixes with the guided Walkthrough
Beta Features (BETA license only (sign up here))
  • BeatForm Cycler (in the Molecule Tools panel) –> shift / nudge BeatForms around in a bar
  • Accent Modifier Shapers (as a right-click dropdown in Accent Modifiers) –> instant-apply velocity crescendo + decrescendo on BeatForms
Known Issues
  • Occasionally, when first launching Liquid Rhythm, the menu bar doesn’t appear.
  • workaround: Switch to another application and click on an open window then switch back to Liquid Rhythm
  • Voice Editor won’t save files.
  • workaround: Drag and drop audio files from the desktop into Liquid Rhythm
  • assigning multi-output audio for Live + Liquid Rhythm VST may cause fatal crash
  • Copying + pasting clips, or pressing Undo in Ableton Live when Liquid Rhythm Max For Live patch is loaded may result in a crash
  • Midi Map files (.mm) created with previous versions will not work with this latest version.
  • Rendering a Liquid Rhythm project to audio (wav/aiff) may cause the rendered file to be corrupt.
  • workaround: Try rendering again with the exact same settings.
  • Liquid Rhythm may be unresponsive when computer goes to sleep and wakes
  • Windows XP: Installer will not install the Ableton Live 9 Max for Live patch.

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