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My long-distance relationship with WaveDNA

Hi, I’m Haig! You might remember me from such Liquid Rhythm publications as the “User Manual,” the “Quick Start Guide,” and the “Installation Guide.” I also designed the nifty .dmg window all you Mac users are greeted by before you install Liquid Rhythm.

During the majority of my employment with WaveDNA, I’ve been living in Halifax where I go to school. Superficially, it’s easy to consider this a disadvantage: I mean, it’s obviously better to be physically present with the rest of the team, right? Well, their opinion on the matter notwithstanding, thanks to this pretty advantageous geographical displacement, I’m always early getting to work in the mornings. I also wrote the majority of the content for the manuals while blasting electronic music on headphones in the comfort of either a student lounge, the coffee shop down the street, or my bedroom.

Facetiousness aside, my experience working here has only been made possible by the fact that we all live in such a technologically brilliant time in history.

I keep myself in the loop by reading and replying to emails from my phone between/during classes and have the occasional video conference call with the management team to a) discuss work and b) use effects to wear silly hats and cartoon cat faces. I can remain up-to-date on the latest builds of the software to function as a member of the testing team, or log into the web building side of things to maintain any branches of the site I manage from practically anywhere in the world.

In fact, I could be typing this blog from Bermuda and nobody would ever know.


That said, the job’s not without its obvious challenges, namely when I have a ton of school work on the go. It’s practically impossible to get good grades and deliver really quality content in tandem. This can get a little stressful, especially considering that meeting deadlines and delivering content is the only way I can provide tangible proof that I’m working. In this respect, I’m extremely lucky to have a team that are supportive of the fact that I’m in school and school gets hectic.

That’s all for now. Just thought I’d share a little something about the experience of being a satellite at a software startup. I’d recommend the job to anybody, it really forces you to manage your time as effectively as possible.

Thanks for reading!

– Author: Haig Beylerian, Writer & UX Consultant, WaveDNA

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