A hands-on school project video experimenting with WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm

For a school project, we were told to create a stop-motion animation piece.

Since we were given so much freedom on what our subject matter and concept could be, I decided to base my design on something real—since it’s very easy to fall into the habit of just making up random companies or products that don’t exist for the sake of your design aesthetic when you are given full control over the material you create.

I chose Liquid Rhythm as my product of choice mostly because I know the people who work on the project over at WaveDNA and I think that they (and their product) are really awesome and I’d love to use my design ability to support them and what they do!

As for the piece itself, I used hand-assembled cubes of paper that basically dance to the music (all created by the talented folks at WaveDNA using the Liquid Rhythm software). The colours were all taken from the program itself and were accompanied by the software logo.

The whole project was created in 24 hours with card paper, a Nikon D300, my Macbook, Adobe After Effects, and a box of Rice Krispies. *

It was really awesome to work on such a hands-on project that promotes such a cool product for a group of really talented and awesome people over at WaveDNA.

Rock on Dudes (and Dudettes).

Cassis Slack

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