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A versatile beat generation software solution for OS X that allows you to manipulate rhythm patterns using a wide array of tools

Written by Octav Fedor on November 13th, 2013

Liquid Rhythm is a desktop application and audio plug-in (for AU, VST and RTAS hosts) that provides a versatile environment for generating beats. The application enables you to access a comprehensive loop and kit library to create any imaginable rhythmic pattern.

With Liquid Rhythm, you can also import user-defined MIDI tracks from external sources that you can implement in your tracks. You are given total freedom in designing rhythm using the interactive beat “Arranger” that lets you position and swap beats with ease.

The main user interface of Liquid Rhythm consists of several different panes, each with a catchy name. The panes include the Arranger, BeatBuilder, Accent Modifier, GrooveMover, BeatForm Sequencer and Information panel.

First of all, the Arranger is the main beat creation area where you can make beats by building groups of different notes. By using a pencil tool, you can edit individual notes or entire groups, such as a ghost snares, hi hats or shuffles.

The GrooveMover is a MIDI mixer with multiple functions designed for rearranging the patterns in your mixes in an instant. After adding beats to GrooveMover, you can move them around and play / pause them with the Space key.

Furthermore, the BeatBuilder allows users to swiftly add bar rhythm patterns into the Arranger pane. By clicking on any pattern in the BeatBuilder, you can swap them with selected parts in the Arranger. Moreover, you can add patterns to a list of favorites by right-clicking on them.

As for the BeatWeaver, it’s a rhythm synthesizer that expands the functionality of the BeatBuilder by generating variations of rhythm on selected regions in the Arranger. From the BeatWeaver pane, you can work with molecules, which are variations of regions selected in the Arranger.

To sum up, Liquid Rhythm delivers a high-quality beat generation app for professional beat making. Thanks to its numerous functions and the organized user interface, Liquid Rhythm is a recommended choice for creating rhythm tracks.

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