Pushing the Push programming envelope at WaveDNA!!!

Pushing the Push programming envelope at WaveDNA!!!

We are in the final Push (get it!!!) of programming and preparing for our booth at the NAMM show next week in Anaheim, California.   Last night things got pretty freaking awesome when the first build of our Ableton Push interface designed for our Max For Live Patch, Liquid Clips, was ready to be tested.  And what could be more fitting than to have two Ableton certified trainers (Jason “DJ Shine” Spanu and Omar Riad) and two Pushes present.   Our extremely capable (and extremely burnt out!) developers Hui Wang and Daphne Ippolito had the presence of mind to capture the inaugural moment of giddiness on a smartphone.  What follows is raw and unedited, pure excitement and unabashed nerd speak!  Kapla~!!!!!

Hui and Daphne (and ugly fruit) and Push

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