Klangfarbe Austria event

Klangfarbe Ableton Days June 4th & 5th

Austrian store Klangfarbe to demo Liquid Rhythm at 2 day Ableton Event Top Austrian music store Klangfarbe will be hosting a 2 day Ableton event this week. The event includes in store demos throughout the day and nightly workshops. On June 4th and 5th at 7pm Ableton pros Steve Baltes and Jesse Abayomi will be leading workshops on Ableton Live 9 and Ableton Push, as well as introducing users to WaveDNA’s…

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Beat Magazine

Beat Magazine Publishes Liquid Rhythm Push Script Guide

Beat Magazine Germany shows users how to get a million beats in no time with Liquid Rhythm and Push The WaveDNA team was thrilled to see our friends at leading German Print magazine, Beat recently published a great guide for using Push effectively with Liquid Rhythm. In the “Power Producer” feature Ableton Certified Trainer Maya Consuelo Sternel from Beat magazine breaks down the steps to get the most out of Liquid Rhythm’s Push script. Guiding…

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Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro Updated to Version 1.3.4!

Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Better Ableton Push Support This release features many small improvements and important bugfixes. One particular improvement, called the Scale Selector (Max For Live plugin mode only), allows you to start experimenting with melody pattern generation. Load any melodic synth, choose a clip, then select a key signature and scale from a dropdown menu in Liquid Rhythm. Tracks with MIDI notes not in that scale are now…

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Liquid Rhythm 1.3.3. Release Image

Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro Updated to Version 1.3.3!

Ableton Push Integration Live in Liquid Rhythm Version 1.3.3 WaveDNA is excited to announce the latest update to Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro. We have been leading up to this release for some time, testing the waters with the beta version of our favourite new feature, MIDI scripting support for the Ableton Push. In addition, version 1.3.3 features upgrades to the Liquid Rhythm interface, including the new Clip Selector…

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Push Beta Online + Manual + Tutorial Video

New Ableton Push Beta MIDI Support It’s been a long time coming. We have hinted at it, teased at it, and finally it’s here (almost) … We have a build of the Ableton Push Beta Liquid Rhythm Script that we feel is stable enough to share with the masses and it’s awesome! 4 months in the making, hundreds of development hours, and more than a few games of Quake to…

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Pushing the Push programming envelope at WaveDNA!!!

Pushing the Push programming envelope at WaveDNA!!! We are in the final Push (get it!!!) of programming and preparing for our booth at the NAMM show next week in Anaheim, California.   Last night things got pretty freaking awesome when the first build of our Ableton Push interface designed for our Max For Live Patch, Liquid Clips, was ready to be tested.  And what could be more fitting than to have…

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