Lighting up your favorite MIDI controller

Over the past couple years, MIDI controllers have become increasingly colorful. There is the Novation LaunchPad S, whose buttons can be lit any combination of red and green. There is the Keith McMillen QuNeo with its vibrant multicolored sliders. The Livid Base and the Ableton Push both support a full range of RGB in all their buttons. We want Liquid Rhythm to have an awesome workflow on all of these…

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Predicting musically induced emotions from physiological response

Predicting musically induced emotions: linear and neural network models This is a short blurb about one of the collaborative research projects associated with WaveDNA and the academic papers generated from them. Our research collaborators at Ryerson University’s SMART Lab, Dr. Naresh Vempala and professor Frank Russo, have published a paper recently detailing findings that we will be expanding on and adapting to fit with future WaveDNA products. We describe the…

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Enjoying Fun Startups

Sometimes you have fun! People sometimes ask, ‘Why did you leave a Fortune 50 company to risk it at a startup’? The simple answer is its fun and different! At the Fortune 50 company, your day and your week is often quite predictable. Within a few years you often realize your place in the organization, you have a path for contribution, and everything else seems to happen automatically. You can…

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Mike C Lovett

Inspiring Artists Series: Mike C Lovett Interview

As part of our Inspiring Artist series, we caught up with Mike C Lovett to talk about his current setup, workflow and Bandcamp’s 12in12x12 Who are you? and why are you on this planet? Father. Photographer. Noise maker. An Enterprise Architect who specializes in information architecture. Why am I on this planet? I will paraphrase, with a sense of irony, the words of Tim Minchin… to celebrate this wonderful, meaningless…

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BeatForm Cycling feature initial prototype

Prototype: Beat Cycling for new ideas

We have a lots of passionate fans who really appreciate our focus on creating a unique rhythm instrument. From these fans, whether they are internal or external, they tend to inspire new ideas, or widgets that could help improve the workflow.  Or perhaps give them a new way of creating a new variation quickly.   The saying, ‘There isn’t enough hours in the day’, aptly applies.  We would love to…

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liquid rhythm 123

Update Version 1.2.3 has arrived for Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro!

Workflow Improvements Are Now Available For Version Update 1.2.3 We’ve received a lot of extremely helpful feedback from many Liquid Rhythm full version trial users, Liquid Rhythm Intro users, and Liquid Rhythm full version users. Additionally, we had many great guest user testers that dropped by our offices or worked with us remotely as beta testers. Many bug reports have been addressed and fixed, and suggestions for workflow improvements have…

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Inspiring Artists Series: Nick Trass Video + Interview

As part of our Inspiring Artist series, we caught up with Nick Trass, a Pro bass player from Australia. Who are you? and why are you on this planet? My name is Nick Trass and I’ve been a bass player for almost 30 years, but I’m now focusing more on producing electronic music all within the box. My real aim is to use the full scope of the digital environment…

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IMSTA FESTA New York City 2013 was a Smashing Success!

WaveDNA was at IMSTA FESTA New York City 2013 IMSTA is very proud to announce that IMSTA FESTA New York City 2013 was a smashing success, with close to 1800 visitors coming through the doors and roaming the hallways of the SAE Institute. People had lined up to enter the show well before 10:30 AM and the IMSTA FESTA crew and security staff did an excellent job to ensure that registrations…

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Our Beat Generating Software Revolutionizes Digital Music Creation

Liquid Rhythm, our powerful beat generating software, gets powerful new MIDI sequencing and editing tools WaveDNA is excited to announce a significant update to the full version of Liquid Rhythm beat generation software, including powerful new MIDI sequencing and editing tools to create and remix drum patterns. This can now be achieved either directly in Ableton Live clips via Max For Live, as a Plug-In, or as a stand-alone application.…

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Liquid Rhythm’s Randomizer: The Evolution of the Random Tool

Custom Settings Allow for the Perfect Surprise with Liquid Rhythm’s Randomizer The Randomizer is easily my favourite feature in Liquid Rhythm, and not just because I worked on it. As a non-drummer musician, I love to plug Liquid Rhythm into Ableton Live, and come up with new melodies by using the Randomizer on pitched notes instead of drum pads. Of course, the Randomizer’s also great for tom fills and a…

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