If I had ALS #IWouldWantTo – Create Music and Art Using Your Eyes During Nuit Blanche

The Nazar Project at Nuit Blanche Toronto 2013 #IWouldWantTo asks the public to consider what they would want to be able to do if they could no longer move because of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), a disease which progressively paralyzes its victims as their motor neurons degenerate. On October 5th, when all of Toronto is out wandering the streets for Nuit Blanche, visitors and friends are welcomed to collaborate with…

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10 Best Lectures – Interesting Videos On Electronic Music

A Reference To The 10 Best Lectures On Electronic Music It is remarkable to hear the stories from the artists themselves, especially when they share with you the struggles and humble origins in which their story began. These lectures go beyond just production, but rather the path in which these folks traveled to reach the main stage, and how they brought recognition to their art. We are glad that organized…

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Tapping with Memory Lane 2, Liquid Rhythm, and Pro Tools 10

Tapping With memory Lane I wrote this guitar riff the other day because feelings. And because I have this amazing delay pedal that was sounding particularly inspiring that night. So I was feeding my guitar through my Apogee duet into Pro Tools ,which I’m totally new to, but I’ve always read about how great it is for recording audio; as a guitar player, I thought I’d give it a chance.…

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Quick Start Guide Video For Liquid Rhythm

A quick start guide to help you start creating drum tracks in Liquid Rhythm. Topics covered in the Quick Start Guide Video 1) Loading a Drum Kit 2) Inserting One-Bar Rhythm Patterns 3) Using the Step Sequencer 4) Editing Notes 5) Generating Random Patterns 6) Shifting Groove Enjoy the Quick Start Guide Video!   Our video collection only begins at the Quick Start Guide! Browse below to see an overview…

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QuNeo allows WaveDNA’s development team to create an even better user experience with Liquid Rhythm

QuNeo will be available in Liquid Rhythm version 1.2.1 A MIDI Device connected through MIDI mapping is to music software what the keyboard is to Microsoft Word.  For many, it is essential to get past the idea of software as a tool, and move towards thinking of it as an instrument, almost an extension of the artists in their creative process. MIDI was a standard initially developed in the 1970’s…

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What makes listening to music an emotional experience?

Ryerson University and SMART Lab Analyze How We Listen to Music What makes listening to music an emotional experience? How much of this emotion is common across listeners with different musical interests and backgrounds, and how much of this is subjective to each listener? WaveDNA is addressing these questions through a collaborative research project with the SMART lab at Ryerson University. Obtaining a better understanding of this fluid relationship between…

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Interface Design for Liquid Rhythm on a Touch Screen

A closer look at the interface design process for the development of a touch-screen-friendly skin for Liquid Rhythm. There is an ongoing collaboration in the works between WaveDNA, SmithsonMartin, and music teacher Sina Fallah. Together, we are working toward building a uniquely powerful yet simplified interface for students to learn about creating music. WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm has a robust interface for creating rhythm tracks. While it can be used with a…

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product developments feature

Product Developments Overview – Liquid Rhythm 1.2.1

Nine new product developments in Liquid Rhythm 1.2.1 1) A New Look Has Improved Our User Interface: Enjoy our same great software with a brand new look. We have focused on improving usability and your experience. 2) The Beat Builder: This is an exciting new tool to help you develop beats faster than ever before. 3) MIDI Mapping: This tool allows you to create and save your MIDI maps for any MIDI…

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Ableton Patches

Ableton Patches with Liquid Rhythm Overview Video

Ableton Patches can now be used with Liquid Rhythm. Using Ableton Live 9 Suite and Max 6.1 MSP, WaveDNA has designed a Ableton Patches that allow you to use Liquid Rhythm as a clip editor for Ableton Live 9.   Thanks to our friend Omar Riad for making this video! Omar is Ableton  Certified Trainer as well as a product specialist for WaveDNA.  We enjoy collaborating with Omar because he has impressive software skills…

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