IMSTA FESTA New York City 2013 was a Smashing Success!

WaveDNA was at IMSTA FESTA New York City 2013

IMSTA is very proud to announce that IMSTA FESTA New York City 2013 was a smashing success, with close to 1800 visitors coming through the doors and roaming the hallways of the SAE Institute. People had lined up to enter the show well before 10:30 AM and the IMSTA FESTA crew and security staff did an excellent job to ensure that registrations and the check-in process was done in an orderly manner.

Doors opened at 10:30 AM and free breakfast was served at 11:00 AM. Visitors then roamed the two floors of the SAE Institute and the continuous in-flow of people gradually increased for the rest of the day. As for the exhibitors, they hardly had a chance to take a break; and if they were able to get away for a short while, they more than made up for it upon their return.

Then, there was the Shocklee Innertainment Panel Series that as always, was packed with visitors, with many more trying to get in and listen to what the music industry players had to say about the state of the industry, technology, new opportunities to make money and much more.

IMSTA FESTA New York City had a raffle every hour on the hour and many lucky visitors received some big ticket items as prizes. Unfortunately, we had anticipated that we would have 1500 visitors and as a result ran out of door prizes for the late comers.

Last and certainly not least, the SAE Institute staff and management team were extremely helpful, and without their help, IMSTA FESTA New York City would not be the show that it is today. IMSTA would like to thank the SAE crew, the volunteer crew, the Shocklee crew, the exhibitors and each and every visitor for making this event an exceptional one to remember.

imsta festa new york city

imsta festa omar

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