Enjoying Fun Startups

Sometimes you have fun!

People sometimes ask, ‘Why did you leave a Fortune 50 company to risk it at a startup’? The simple answer is its fun and different! At the Fortune 50 company, your day and your week is often quite predictable. Within a few years you often realize your place in the organization, you have a path for contribution, and everything else seems to happen automatically. You can function incredibly well, and blend into the background as you start to run on auto-pilot. There are moments of great excitement, but they are often far in between the daily grind.

While here at WaveDNA every week has its new challenges, problems and discoveries. New and different people and organizations to meet over skype or pitch an idea to. Things seem a lot more chaotic and way less predictable. Heck, sometimes you have the entire company dress up and enjoy themselves.

Who let the owl out? hoo, hoo, hoo?

Who let the owl out? hoo, hoo, hoo?

We know what our ultimate goal is. To create a viable business, that is based on cutting edge music software technologies and products, that delight our fans and help them express themselves creatively. We know we are going to be different in our approach and in the software we create. While company is definitely goal-oriented, and we are dedicated to succeed. Many late night Hackathons can actually attest to our commitment. However, we can’t take ourselves that seriously all the time. We need to enjoy the process as much as the outcome. We laugh and joke as we share dinner at those hackathons, and we as company dressed up at Halloween. We didn’t have to, but we twittered some funny moments, and we decided for the heck of it, lets make something funny on youtubes.

I am proud that I had the opportunity to work along with a great bunch of people, who have made WaveDNA a place that qualifies as one of those very fun startups.

Author:Adil Sardar

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