Sampling with Liquid Rhythm by

Watch show how Liquid Rhythm can increase your workflow, and speed up your beat creating process!’s goal is to give you professional tips, tricks, and tutorials that will help take your music production to the next level. In this video watch how Brian from uses Liquid Rhythm to quickly showcase how fast basic beat building can be accomplished.  By running Liquid Rhythm as a Max4Live device, Brian can populate Ableton Live clips with MIDI notes quickly, and seamlessly.  The basic concept behind Liquid Rhythm is to help build basic beat foundations in a fast and powerful way so you spend less time drawing individual MIDI notes by hand, and more time manipulating patterns.

By spending some time to set up his project, Brian has also utilized some basic MIDI mapping techniques, while using his Drum Rack in multisample mode. Brian show’s us how easy it is to generate different variations in sound by mapping the drum rack controls to his MPK thus allowing him to select a variety of samples in Ableton Live’s Sampler instrument.

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