Mutek 2014

“All in all, what I’m really committed to is to provide the electronic music scene with a real festival.”

As the launching pad for many successful electronic musicians over the last few years, Mutek has been one of the most notable festivals to promote electronic music and digital arts in Canada.  This year they’ve teamed up with Montreal’s digital arts and media festival Elektra.  The 5 day festival takes place in Montreal each year with a gigantic roster of artists from around the globe.  This year the festival has even expanded to Mexico City and Barcelona.

“All in all, what I’m really committed to is to provide the electronic music scene with a real festival, where we could talk about all the dimensions related to the artistic practice underlying the scene. So just like there are festivals for cinema, theater, dance, so there would be one specifically around [electronic] music and sound.”
– Alain Mongeau, in Incursion

The idea for a multi functional electronic music festival began with Alain Mongeau in 2000.  At this time, Alain was functioning as  the Artistic Director for Montreal’s International Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM) and launched the Mutek initiative as part of his mandate as Director of New Media Programming at the Ex-Centris complex.  The first event was a huge success with an attendance of aproximately 2000 people.  Over 30 artists performed, including Canadian artists Pheek, Mitchell Akiyama, and Deadbeat.

This years events are looking to be quite special.  With Mutek having just announced their full line up (for full details click here), there will be no shortage of entertainment. From conferences and seminars, to special guest appearances and free events, the Mutek legacy continues and will continue to be one of Canada’s most notable electronic music festivals to date.  For more info on Mutek please visit:

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