Liquid Music 1.6 Released! (VST / AU / Max)

Introducing: Liquid Music!


Liquid Music is a powerful plugin that helps you craft original song ideas with easy music composition tools. No more waiting around for inspiration to strike. Simply create inspiring melodies, chord progressions and rhythms using a unique visual workflow. It’s the quickest way to inspire new ideas and conquer writer’s block. No more piano-roll tedium, no more MIDI noodling—just exhilarating, effortless creation and experimentation, on your terms.


  • Paint melodies, harmonies and chords using the revolutionary Sketch tool.
  • Tweak and evolve song ideas in real-time using five layers of control: Sketch, Key, Chords, Voice and Rhythm.
  • Inspiring presets help create original ideas and rich harmonies in seconds, allowing you to mix and match melodic styles for nearly limitless possibilities.
  • Make unique beats instantly using a collection of rhythmic building blocks with the Rhythm tool
  • A powerful MIDI harmony composer that works as a VST / AU plugin
  • Also works as a Max for Live device in Ableton Live Suite.


A free 30-day trial of Liquid Music is available here.

If you have tried Liquid Music in the past, your trial period has been reset, and you now use Liquid Music for another 30 days after installing the latest trial download.

From March 23 – April 30th, 2016:

  • Liquid Music will be available for the special price of $149.99 USD.  (Regular price $199.99 USD.)
  • If you already own Liquid Rhythm, your license can be upgraded to Liquid Music for the special price of $79.99 USD.  (Regular upgrade price is $99.99 USD.)
  • Learn more about Liquid Music by watching this short video.
  • Read more about Liquid Music on Ask.Audio’s review.
  • Also, check out the Frequently Asked Questions for tech specs and general inquiries.


The list below summarizes the new features, workflow improvements, and bug fixes included in the latest version of Liquid Music.


  • Plugin compatibility!  Liquid Music now comes in the following delicious plugin flavours:
    • VST (Cubase, Bitwig, Studio One, FL Studio Ableton Live, etc..)
    • AU (Logic Pro X)
    • Max For Live (Ableton Live 9 with Max For Live)

Bug Fixes

  • Improved compatibility with BitWig for MIDI note output from Liquid Music
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent some users from being able to run the trial version of Liquid Music (due to a ‘null ID’ being issued as the computer identifier).
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a crash when downloading and loading an add-on drum kit from our server.
  • Fixed a bug that would occur when selecting View > Arranger twice.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a crash when using the randomizer in the Molecule Tools panel.
  • (MaxForLive plugin mode): Fixed an issue that would cause an error when switching between Harmony mode and Rhythm mode, when no clip was selected in Ableton Live.
  • (MaxForLive plugin mode): Fixed an issue that would cause a crash in Liquid Music when deleting a clip in Live (null ID).
  • Liquid Music overall compatibility is improved by no longer relying on the following configuration file:
  • Users can now load multiple instances of Liquid Rhythm VST simultaneously
  • Liquid Music VST and Liquid Rhythm VST can now run simultaneously in the DAW
  • Users can now copy + paste their serial numbers into the license registration window! 🙂

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Liquid Music’s application icon (in the dock and in the Cmd-Tab application switcher) is titled as “LiquidRhythm.” (This is an unfortunate and challenging bug that we will eventually fix.)
  • Ableton Push 2 controller is incompatible with Liquid Music.
  • Activating ‘independent loop’ mode in Liquid Music can occasionally cause the playhead to disappear or disconnect from your host DAW’s playhead.  (Playback works normally.)
  • In ‘Rhythm Tools’ mode, the Velocity sliders in the Accent Modifiers panel occasionally do not function predictably and can cause an error to occur.
  • Clicking on the “website” link in the “About” window can cause an error to occur on some versions of OSX Yosemite.
  • When in audition mode on the Chords panel, and the audition mode is set to “chords,” the highest note plays but all other notes in the chord may cut off.
  • Dragging and dropping a BeatForm from the Molecule Tool’s BeatForm Pallette into the Rhythm track (in ‘Harmony Tools’ mode) can cause notes to be generated at the bottom-most MIDI note (C-2).
  • The “Scramble” options in the drop down menu in the Arpeggiator panel do not affect the Scramble button’s behaviour.
  • Some reports have been submitted about failure to use Liquid Music with the Lemur MIDI script for Liquid Rhythm.
  • MIDI mapping a hardware controller in Liquid Music, saving a Live project, and then reloading the Live project, can cause a crash to occur.  
  • Liquid Music’s Max for Live plugin should not be run in the same Ableton session as Liquid Rhythm or Liquid Music VST / AU plugins.  They are currently incompatible. We are working to fix this problem.
  • We are working on an AAX implementation of the new Liquid Music and Liquid Rhythm plugins for OSX and Windows.
  • Apple Logic users: Liquid Music only works with Logic Pro X and up.  (It loads as a MIDI FX plugin.)
  • The AU does not currently work in GarageBand.

Liquid Music: Rhythm mode VST / AU / Standalone

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Opening the Mixer and then loading a Loop from the Library will cause an error
  • User can’t click+drag on track headers to rearrange tracks.
  • Loading a BeatForm into the BeatForm Circuit, and then double-clicking it, may cause an error.
  • Clicking ‘Surprise Me’ in the Randomizer panel in the Molecule Tools may cause an error.
  • Using a MIDI Mapping file created on a different operating system would lead to crashes. For instance, MacOSX has the ‘CMD’ key, and attempting to use that through MIDI mapping on Windows OS would cause a crash. This is specific to MIDI mapping files that has ‘Mappable Commands’ saved within them. They are not cross platform. This will be addressed in a future release.
  • Liquid Rhythm Standalone may not launch for Windows 8 users. Right-click on the application and choose “Run as Administrator.”
  • Option-clicking on a pattern to audition it (in the BarForm or BeatForm Maps) will not audition if the BeatWeaver is not open.
  • Overdub recording mode is glitchy.
  • Real-time MIDI recording has some lag.
  • Repeatedly pressing Undo during MIDI record can cause Liquid Rhythm to crash.
  • Liquid Rhythm may be unresponsive when computer goes to sleep and wakes.
  • MIDI Mapping track-specific controls (such as volume, solo, mute) can be lost after quitting Liquid Rhythm and relaunching.
  • Ableton Push 2 controller is incompatible with Liquid Rhythm.
  • Liquid Rhythm is not AAX compatible
  • Liquid Rhythm is not RTAS compatible.

Download the latest version of Liquid Music here.

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