Liquid Music for Live Updated to Version 1.5.1

What’s New in Liquid Music for Live 1.5.1?

The list below summarizes the new features, workflow improvements, and bug fixes included in the latest version.

Plugin Mode: Liquid Music for Live (Max For Live)

Major Improvements

  • The MIDI Importer’s chord analysis engine interpreted chord progression changes at a minimum of a quarter bar, now it interprets chord progression changes at a minimum of an eighth of a bar.

Bug Fixes

  • An error could occur when selecting a few presets from the Demo Preset list (for example: “Strum De Drum,” and then “Stringth in Numberz”).
  • An error would occur when User would be in Rhythm mode, click the “Fold Tracks” button (that hides unused tracks), and then switch to Harmony mode on the same clip.
  • A faulty “installation failed” error would appear (even though the installation succeeded) at the end of the plugin installation if User had Max 7 installed but not Max 6.
  • Activating Audition mode (little speaker icon) in the Chord panel, and then attempting to audition chords in empty slots in the Chord panel would cause an error.
  • Many names of Demo Presets would occasionally not be capitalized.
  • Selecting the filter “8 bars” in the Demo Presets panel would display some presets that were not 8 bars long.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Liquid Music to crash if a MIDI controller was plugged in during launch.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Liquid Music to crash when using the Lemur MIDI script for Liquid Rhythm.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Liquid Music’s preferences to appear in the preferences panel when running Liquid Rhythm VST / Standalone.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Downloading and then loading Drum Kits and Voices from our server will cause a crash.  Do not load downloaded kits / voices!
  • An error occurs when selecting the menu option View > Arranger twice in a row.
  • An error occurs when switching between ‘Rhythm Tools’ mode and ‘Harmony Tools’ mode when no clip is selected in Live.
  • In ‘Rhythm Tools’ mode, occasionally the Velocity sliders in the Accent Modifiers panel do not function predictably and can cause an error to occur.
  • Clicking on the “website” link in the “About” window can cause an error to occur on some versions of OSX Yosemite.
  • When in audition mode on the Chords panel, and the audition mode is set to “chords,” the highest note plays but all other notes in the chord get cut off.
  • Dragging and dropping a BeatForm from the Molecule Tool’s BeatForm Pallette into the Rhythm track (in ‘Harmony Tools’ mode) can cause notes to be generated at the bottom-most MIDI note (C-2).
  • The “Scramble” options in the drop down menu in the Arpeggiator panel do not affect the Scramble button’s behaviour.
  • Ableton Push 2 controller is incompatible with Liquid Music.
  • Some reports have been submitted about failure to use Liquid Music with the Lemur MIDI script for Liquid Rhythm.
  • MIDI mapping a hardware controller in Liquid Music, saving a Live project, and then reloading the Live project, can cause a crash to occur.  

Plugin Mode: Liquid Rhythm for VST / Standalone

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Opening the Mixer and then loading a Loop from the Library will cause an error
  • User can’t click+drag on track headers to rearrange tracks.
  • An error occurs when right-clicking on a track header and attempting to change the colour.
  • Loading a BeatForm into the BeatForm Circuit, and then double-clicking it, may cause an error.
  • Clicking ‘Surprise Me’ in the Randomizer panel in the Molecule Tools may cause an error.
  • Using a MIDI Mapping file created on a different operating system would lead to crashes. For instance, MacOSX has the ‘CMD’ key, and attempting to use that through MIDI mapping on Windows OS would cause a crash. This is specific to MIDI mapping files that has ‘Mappable Commands’ saved within them. They are not cross platform. This will be addressed in a future release.
  • Liquid Rhythm Standalone may not launch for Windows 8 users. Right-click on the application and choose “Run as Administrator.”
  • Option-clicking on a pattern to audition it (in the BarForm or BeatForm Maps) will not audition if the BeatWeaver is not open.
  • Overdub recording mode is glitchy.
  • Real-time MIDI recording has some lag.
  • Repeatedly pressing Undo during MIDI record can cause Liquid Rhythm to crash.
  • Liquid Rhythm may be unresponsive when computer goes to sleep and wakes.
  • MIDI Mapping track-specific controls (such as volume, solo, mute) can be lost after quitting Liquid Rhythm and relaunching.
  • No automatic software updates or notifications (yet).
  • No MIDI routing in Bitwig Studio


Download the latest version of Liquid Music here.

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