DJ Shine dives into Novation’s Launchpad S

The WaveDNA team is incredibly happy to have Jason Spanu back at the office. For a period in the past summer, we lost Jason, he went completely dark, as he was on tour across Canada, US and Europe. Jason is also known as DJ Shine, he is an Ableton Certified Trainer, and he is an incredibly passionate musician. It is always inspirational when Jason is at the WaveDNA Lab, simply…

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Liquid Rhythm Intro got GreenLit!

It was the middle of the day, Tuesday November 12, 2013, and the WaveDNA team was right in the thick of it. Why? We are preparing to release Liquid Rhythm version 1.2.4; perfection is our main focus. There is a lot of excitement,  movement, and communication between everyone here at WaveDNA. As I was stepping away from my desk to go talk to Allison about a problem she just reproduced,…

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Lighting up your favorite MIDI controller

Over the past couple years, MIDI controllers have become increasingly colorful. There is the Novation LaunchPad S, whose buttons can be lit any combination of red and green. There is the Keith McMillen QuNeo with its vibrant multicolored sliders. The Livid Base and the Ableton Push both support a full range of RGB in all their buttons. We want Liquid Rhythm to have an awesome workflow on all of these…

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Predicting musically induced emotions from physiological response

Predicting musically induced emotions: linear and neural network models This is a short blurb about one of the collaborative research projects associated with WaveDNA and the academic papers generated from them. Our research collaborators at Ryerson University’s SMART Lab, Dr. Naresh Vempala and professor Frank Russo, have published a paper recently detailing findings that we will be expanding on and adapting to fit with future WaveDNA products. We describe the…

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QuNeo allows WaveDNA’s development team to create an even better user experience with Liquid Rhythm

QuNeo will be available in Liquid Rhythm version 1.2.1 A MIDI Device connected through MIDI mapping is to music software what the keyboard is to Microsoft Word.  For many, it is essential to get past the idea of software as a tool, and move towards thinking of it as an instrument, almost an extension of the artists in their creative process. MIDI was a standard initially developed in the 1970’s…

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Interface Design for Liquid Rhythm on a Touch Screen

A closer look at the interface design process for the development of a touch-screen-friendly skin for Liquid Rhythm. There is an ongoing collaboration in the works between WaveDNA, SmithsonMartin, and music teacher Sina Fallah. Together, we are working toward building a uniquely powerful yet simplified interface for students to learn about creating music. WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm has a robust interface for creating rhythm tracks. While it can be used with a…

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digital media zone

Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone Hosted A Collaboration

Spent a great afternoon at Digital Media Zone with Our Friends We had an exciting meeting this morning at Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone. Surrounded by our friends from the Centre For Music Education & Cognition and Smithson Martin, we discussed the educational merits of collaborating together. Stay tuned for more exciting news to follow in the coming weeks… Here is some additional information about our friends: The Centre For Music…

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