ArtFX Tutorial Video: How to use grooves and Liquid Rhythm in Ableton Live

ArtFX Tutorial – How to use grooves and Liquid Rhythm in Ableton Live YouTube’s music tutorial powerhouse ArtFX created an awesome tutorial featuring Liquid Rhythm.  In the video, ArtFX creates a basic beat in Ableton Live, loads a a Drum Rack full of funk sounds, and creates a funky ‘Glitch Hop’ loop with Liquid Rhythm. After that, he applies Ableton swing grooves to the pattern.  Many awesome tricks to be…

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dj techtools

DJ Tech Tools for suggested articles lists WaveDNA

DJ Tech Tools. Boost WaveDNA with a vote! Click here to vote for us on DJ Tech Tools.     Here is the article content: Review: Liquid Rhythm by WaveDNA Liquid Rhythm is a software drum machine that enables rapid beat-building and provides tools for deep MIDI manipulation. It uses a ‘building-blocks’ approach that allows groups of notes to be inserted, moved, accented, or otherwise altered all at once. The…

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Tyler Hayes – Reinventing MIDI For A Big Data World

Tyler Hayes Article: Standardized for 30 years, MIDI continues to be useful to a lot of musicians despite its age. Still, WaveDNA is trying to improve MIDI and give it a new outlook on life. Like a lot of older technologies past their prime, MIDI was widely implemented and so it remains key for a lot of musicians–even some 30 years later. With an older standard comes the headaches of…

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canadian magazine review

Canadian Musician Magazine Review about Liquid Rhythm by Paul Lau

Canadian Musician Magazine Features WaveDNA The happiest Musician, Producer and MIDI & Digital Audio Specialist  in the world, Paul Lau, spent time with WaveDNA’s Saro Migirdicyan and Helen Georgopoulos getting to know Liquid Rhythm, WaveDNA’s Beat Generation Software. Paul’s inquisitive nature and enthusiasm for music technology made for one of the best product demonstrations ever. In Paul Lau’s own words “Groove makers using Ableton Live 9 Suite with Max For Live…

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