WaveDNA releases Liquid Music v1.6.3

Liquid Music updated to version 1.6.3

Toronto, Canada – August 17th, 2017 – WaveDNA is proud to announce Liquid Music v1.6.3 featuring MIDI Import for VST and a host of UI and usability upgrades. Follow this link to download the latest version:

Download Liquid Music

The list below summarizes the new features, workflow improvements, and bug fixes included in the latest version of Liquid Music.

New Content

  • MIDI Import for VST
  • Importer Analysis improvements: Key Analysis results improved drastically after retooling algorithm; said retooling has resulted in faster analysis and more accurate handling of empty bars.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed system spelling of Pentatonic Minor and Blues Scales.
  • Better product separation in Context Help


  • Grey overlay and “Import Clip” button for AMXD preceding the analysis window has been implemented.
  • View Menu: Reorganization and better siloing of menu items for more sensible and easier navigation
  • Added Context Help entries
  • Removed Clip Selector, Clip Label, and certain View Menu entries pertaining to the Max for Live plugin from LM VST
  • Improved consistency in Menu labeling.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Playing a few in-app tutorial help videos in a row can cause a crash.
  • Liquid Music’s application icon (in the dock and in the Cmd-Tab application switcher) is titled as “LiquidRhythm.” (This is an unfortunate and challenging bug that we will eventually fix.)
  • Ableton Push 2 controller is incompatible with Liquid Music.
  • Activating ‘independent loop’ mode in Liquid Music can occasionally cause the playhead to disappear or disconnect from your host DAW’s playhead. (Playback works normally.)
  • In ‘Rhythm Tools’ mode, the Velocity sliders in the Accent Modifiers panel occasionally do not function predictably and can cause an error to occur.
  • Clicking on the “website” link in the “About” window can cause an error to occur on some versions of OSX Yosemite.
  • When in audition mode on the Chords panel, and the audition mode is set to “chords,” the highest note plays but all other notes in the chord may cut off.
  • Dragging and dropping a BeatForm from the Molecule Tool’s BeatForm Pallette into the Rhythm track (in ‘Harmony Tools’ mode) can cause notes to be generated at the bottom-most MIDI note (C-2).
  • Some reports have been submitted about failure to use Liquid Music with the Lemur MIDI script for Liquid Rhythm.
  • Liquid Music’s Max for Live plugin should not be run in the same Ableton session as Liquid Rhythm or Liquid Music VST / AU plugins.
  • Apple Logic users: Liquid Music only works with Logic Pro X and up. (It loads as a MIDI FX plugin.) The AU does not currently work in GarageBand.

Known Issues and Limitations – Liquid Music: Rhythm mode VST / AU / Standalone

  • User can’t click+drag on track headers to rearrange tracks.
  • Loading a BeatForm into the BeatForm Circuit, and then double-clicking it, may cause an error.
  • Clicking ‘Surprise Me’ in the Randomizer panel in the Molecule Tools may cause an error.
  • Using a MIDI Mapping file created on a different operating system would lead to crashes. For instance, MacOSX has the ‘CMD’ key, and attempting to use that through MIDI mapping on Windows OS would cause a crash. This is specific to MIDI mapping files that has ‘Mappable Commands’ saved within them. They are not cross platform. This will be addressed in a future release.
  • Liquid Rhythm Standalone may not launch for Windows 8 users. Right-click on the application and choose “Run as Administrator.”
  • Option-clicking on a pattern to audition it (in the BarForm or BeatForm Maps) will not audition if the BeatWeaver is not open.
  • Overdub recording mode is glitchy, and real-time MIDI recording has some lag.
  • Repeatedly pressing Undo during MIDI record can cause Liquid Rhythm to crash.
  • Liquid Rhythm may be unresponsive when computer goes to sleep and wakes.
  • MIDI Mapping track-specific controls (such as volume, solo, mute) can be lost after quitting Liquid Rhythm and relaunching.
  • Ableton Push 2 controller is incompatible with Liquid Rhythm.
  • Liquid Rhythm is not AAX compatible
  • Liquid Rhythm is not RTAS compatible.

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