Predicting musically induced emotions from physiological response

Predicting musically induced emotions: linear and neural network models This is a short blurb about one of the collaborative research projects associated with WaveDNA and the academic papers generated from them. Our research collaborators at Ryerson University’s SMART Lab, Dr. Naresh Vempala and professor Frank Russo, have published a paper recently detailing findings that we will be expanding on and adapting to fit with future WaveDNA products. We describe the…

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What makes listening to music an emotional experience?

Ryerson University and SMART Lab Analyze How We Listen to Music What makes listening to music an emotional experience? How much of this emotion is common across listeners with different musical interests and backgrounds, and how much of this is subjective to each listener? WaveDNA is addressing these questions through a collaborative research project with the SMART lab at Ryerson University. Obtaining a better understanding of this fluid relationship between…

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Interface Design for Liquid Rhythm on a Touch Screen

A closer look at the interface design process for the development of a touch-screen-friendly skin for Liquid Rhythm. There is an ongoing collaboration in the works between WaveDNA, SmithsonMartin, and music teacher Sina Fallah. Together, we are working toward building a uniquely powerful yet simplified interface for students to learn about creating music. WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm has a robust interface for creating rhythm tracks. While it can be used with a…

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digital media zone

Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone Hosted A Collaboration

Spent a great afternoon at Digital Media Zone with Our Friends We had an exciting meeting this morning at Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone. Surrounded by our friends from the Centre For Music Education & Cognition and Smithson Martin, we discussed the educational merits of collaborating together. Stay tuned for more exciting news to follow in the coming weeks… Here is some additional information about our friends: The Centre For Music…

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