Bum Tschak Interviews with WaveDNA

“Try to find out what it is that you truly wanna hear from yourself. Break it down to a minimum of elements. If you like what you have, spread it out. Be carefully brave.” Harry Bum Tschak has been a part of the German drumming community for many years. He has recorded and/or performed with top acts like Nena, Pohlmann, Right Said Fred, Finkenauer, and international guitar virtuosos like Jerry…

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A brand new bundle from Livid Base and Liquid Rhythm for hands-on beat production

Buy Livid Base and Liquid Rhythm For $449.00 WaveDNA and Livid have joined forces to bring you an elegant and hands-on music production bundle. With a custom MIDI-mapped interface, the Livid Base MIDI controller’s multi-coloured buttons and touch-sensitive sliders light up when connected to Liquid Rhythm standalone. Create your drum tracks with style, experience this super-fun and powerful bundle today. Buy Livid Base and Liquid Rhythm Now Livid Base controlling Liquid…

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