“Suggested” By Who?

Connections between the Wheels, the BeatSeeker and the “Suggested” list Notes on the connections between the Maps, the BeatSeeker settings, and the “suggested” lists and palettes in the BeatBuilder and the Randomizer The BeatBuilder panel is a popular widget with first time users of Liquid Rhythm due to how easily it enables quick assembly of beats and variations. There is enough power and variety offered by the default settings for…

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Ableton Patches

Ableton Patches with Liquid Rhythm Overview Video

Ableton Patches can now be used with Liquid Rhythm. Using Ableton Live 9 Suite and Max 6.1 MSP, WaveDNA has designed a Ableton Patches that allow you to use Liquid Rhythm as a clip editor for Ableton Live 9.   Thanks to our friend Omar Riad for making this video! Omar is Ableton  Certified Trainer as well as a product specialist for WaveDNA.  We enjoy collaborating with Omar because he has impressive software skills…

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