Remembering Frankie Knuckles

The ‘Godfather of House Music’ Dies at 59. A sad day for the genre he helped define.

It was far too soon for the creator of house music to leave us, but unfortunately Mr. Francis Nicholls (Frankie Knuckles) succumbed to complications of diabetes on the afternoon of March 31 2014. His long time friend and business partner Frederick Dunson confirmed to the Chicago Tribune that he had “died unexpectedly”.

While the news is tragic, ‘Frankie Knuckles’ will never be forgotten for his work in producing one of music most popular genres.  Having helped define house music during its inception in the early 80’s, Francis is the reason why so many of us can enjoy the wonders of this glorious genre.  He has been a part of some of the worlds most influential projects involving artists such as Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston.

Born in the Bronx, Francis began his career playing alongside Larry Levan in NYC, and later moved to Chicago where he became the main representative for Chicago house and the house music movement.  A movement which, over two and a half decades, pushed electronic music into the realm in which it stands today. He won a Grammy for his work in 1998, and soon after had a street in Chicago named after him.  A year later he was inducted into the House Music Hall of Fame.

On behalf of the entire WaveDNA team, our deepest condolences go out to Francis’ family, friends, and long loving fans.  He will be missed. May he forever rest in peace.



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