Ask.Audio Reviews Liquid Music

Version 1 of WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm was pretty impressive. When Liquid Music arrived we were also impressed by its potential. Now in version 1.6.1 AfroDJMac digs in to see what all the fuss is about.

AfroDJMac shares his thoughts on Liquid Music in this Ask.Audio article: “This is why I think Liquid Music by WaveDNA is so cool. Liquid Music is an AU, VST, and Max for Live plug-in that allows you to set a few musical guidelines and paint your music by clicking and dragging. You can set the key, chord progressions, and rhythms, or choose from a huge offering of presets, and begin drawing in music. Liquid Music creates melodies, chords, and rhythms that are perfectly in key and very musical, all based on the shapes you draw. After a little bit of time learning the interface, I found myself drawing in musical ideas that I would never have performed or programmed otherwise.”

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