Recording Magazine

Recording Magazine Reviews Liquid Rhythm

Recording Magazine’s Mike Metlay reviews Liquid Rhythm, “a rhythm creation tool like no other” Recording Magazine, North America’s “magazine for the recording musician”, has published the latest Liquid Rhythm review in their June issue. The WaveDNA team loved reading Recording Magazine’s Mike Metlay’s in-depth writeup, which takes users through the paces of creating music with Liquid Rhythm. Metlay’s feature descriptions are right on point, and as an added bonus he…

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Klangfarbe Austria event

Klangfarbe Ableton Days June 4th & 5th

Austrian store Klangfarbe to demo Liquid Rhythm at 2 day Ableton Event Top Austrian music store Klangfarbe will be hosting a 2 day Ableton event this week. The event includes in store demos throughout the day and nightly workshops. On June 4th and 5th at 7pm Ableton pros Steve Baltes and Jesse Abayomi will be leading workshops on Ableton Live 9 and Ableton Push, as well as introducing users to WaveDNA’s…

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Steam Powered Liquid Rhythm License

SteamPowered is a digital distribution platform.  Created by Valve, its purpose is to distribute independent and large studio games to consumers.  In 2012, Valve expanded its catalog to include software beyond games, including music software.  WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm was added to the Steam catalog in early 2014. There are marked differences between a Steam Powered Liquid Rhythm license and a non-Steam license. Purchasing Liquid Rhythm on Steam is different than…

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Digital Dreams

WaveDNA Will Be Sponsoring the Digital Dreams Festival

WaveDNA will be celebrating Canada Day Weekend at the Digital Dreams Festival of Electronic Music 2012 brought Digital Dreams to Toronto’s festival scene and this year’s festival promises not to disappoint. The WaveDNA crew is beyond excited to be sponsoring Digital Dreams, now Canada’s largest Electronic Music Festival, taking place right on the shores of Toronto’s waterfront. Presented by Electronic Nation, this year’s Digital Dreams festival lineup includes returning acts…

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Beat Academy usa vs. canada battle

The Beat Academy Presents Champion Sound International Beat Battle

WaveDNA teams up with the Beat Academy for the Beat Battle of North America WaveDNA is proud to partner with the Beat Academy for the Champion Sound USA vs. Canada International Beat Battle. 24 producers from across Canada and the United States will compete in the ultimate beat battle to decide whether the best sound in North America lives north or south of the 49th parallel. The battle takes place…

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Beat Magazine

Beat Magazine Publishes Liquid Rhythm Push Script Guide

Beat Magazine Germany shows users how to get a million beats in no time with Liquid Rhythm and Push The WaveDNA team was thrilled to see our friends at leading German Print magazine, Beat recently published a great guide for using Push effectively with Liquid Rhythm. In the “Power Producer” feature Ableton Certified Trainer Maya Consuelo Sternel from Beat magazine breaks down the steps to get the most out of Liquid Rhythm’s Push script. Guiding…

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WaveDNA Heading to LA for IMSTA FESTA Los Angeles

SAE Institute to Host IMSTA FESTA Los Angeles June 14th, 2014 WaveDNA will be heading to LA next month for IMSTA FESTA Los Angeles. Hosted at the SAE Institute Los Angeles, the annual event always brings together music makers, industry heavy hitters, and top technology companies. This means opportunities for some great networking and great prizes. IMSTA FESTA Los Angeles takes place on June 14th, 11:00 – 7:00 and is…

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EM15 Crystal Interface

EM15 ‘The Crystal Interface’ Finalists

EM15 announces the finalists in their international audiovisual creation contest inspired by the theme: “The Crystal Interface”. As the first phase of EM15’s ‘The Crystal Interface’ audio/visual contest comes to a close, five finalists have been selected for the public to vote on. Voting will end on June 2, 2014, with the victors taking one of 4 prize packs listed below. PRIZES AWARDED TO THE WINNERS To the Public Choice…

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Drummers are Geniuses

They have a rare, innate ability to problem-solve and change those around them. If you are a drummer, you’ve probably heard a joke or two about your kind’s intelligence level. You’ve put up with being called a dummy for far too long but thankfully we’re here to clear your name. Prof. Frederic Ullen, from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm concluded that the brain activity of an individual who can keep…

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Big Kick by PlugInBoutique

“As many of you will already know, the trick to making a good kick is to layer drum samples together.” – Rob Jones (Plugin Boutique) One of the most important aspects (if not THE most important part) of any electronic piece of music is the good old kick drum.  For decades, producers of all genre’s have spent countless hours sculpting and fine tuning this particular instrument to meet the needs of…

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