Learning to Code for Push through the Community

Learning To Code For Ableton Push The Ableton and Cycling ’74 team is incredibly busy and have a ton of different requests coming in all the time. I know this from experience. When I used to work at IBM, we took a two-day Agile workshop, and in it they spoke about lists of customer requests. For a particular Compiler Team that the instructors worked with directly, they analyzed the feature…

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QuNeo allows WaveDNA’s development team to create an even better user experience with Liquid Rhythm

QuNeo will be available in Liquid Rhythm version 1.2.1 A MIDI Device connected through MIDI mapping is to music software what the keyboard is to Microsoft Word.  For many, it is essential to get past the idea of software as a tool, and move towards thinking of it as an instrument, almost an extension of the artists in their creative process. MIDI was a standard initially developed in the 1970’s…

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