Guitar Wing: Wireless control over software plug-ins, DAWs, iOS apps & MIDI effects units…right from your guitar or bass

Livid has launched a 30 day campaign to crowdfund their latest product on Kickstarter called Guitar Wing.

Guitar Wing from Livid Instruments is an expressive control surface that gives guitar and bass players wireless control over the functions of their favorite software plug-ins, DAWs, iOS apps, MIDI effects units, and even lighting and visual platforms.

Today on Kickstarter, Livid has launched a 30 day campaign to crowdfund our latest product, Guitar Wing. We’ve spent the past year working on this project with controllerist Moldover and two time Grammy winning guitarist Vernon Reid. Guitar Wing is something that will be entirely new for most users and offers enormous creative potential: a portable, wireless, 3D controller that fits any electric guitar or bass.


We need your help to make this happen. For Guitar Wing to be an affordable product we need to reach our minimum campaign funding goal. The success of this project depends on action from Livid supporters as early as possible. No matter what amount you may be able to pledge, please support this effort by doing two things:

1. Go to the Guitar Wing Campaign on Kickstarter
Share your comments (you have a voice in this!)
Pledge $1 or pre-order a Guitar Wing


2. Visit
“I am extremely excited about the Livid Guitar Wing. Guitarists have been, until now, highly marginalized, when it comes to MIDI controllers and tools that are otherwise widely available to keyboardists, drummers and singers. What an amazing solution!” 
-Shaunna Hall (George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic  / 4 Non Blondes)

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