Foundry Series 2014 – Toronto

Foundry Series focuses on showcasing international and local underground electronic music talent in Toronto.

Two weeks have past since the start of this years Foundry festival, and WaveDNA was present to experience the eclectic music festival that happens in Toronto each year.  Founded in 2013 Foundry aims at showcasing international and local talent in the more tasteful genre’s of electronic music.  Named as “Canada’s Most Interesting Dance Series” by THUMP, the event takes place over 3 weekends.  The festivals location was to be located at the abandoned Tower Automotive building at 158 Sterling Road in Toronto, but after a last minute decision by city officials in which they denied Foundry’s application, the event had to quickly change venues in order to become a reality.  Thank goodness it did.

Foundry is a great event with a thirst for great music.  It was developed by Mansion founders Nancy Chen and Konrad Droeske who started on this path throwing house parties during their university years.  Before they knew it, the two were hosting various parties in downtown clubs and bars playing host to some of the biggest underground electronic names in the world.  In the last two weeks they’ve already had Four Tet and DJ Harvey (a name that hasn’t been seen in Canada for over 15 years), and are currently setting up for their final weekend with Detroit legend Carl Craig and Toronto locals Mike Gibbs, Jamie Kidd, Hali, and Fabio Palermo.

For tickets and more information on the final event which is to take place on April 4th and 5th, please visit Foundry’s Official website:

FOUNDRY from vission on Vimeo.

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